Using Lead? Act Now

In her introductory email for the Manufacture community, Alice referenced the European Chemicals Agency consultation that is taking place regarding the use of lead and the potential need for any company using it as an alloying agent or otherwise in production to apply for a permit to be able to continue doing so.

Lead has been proposed as a priority substance for inclusion in the ECHA Authorisation List due to the extent of its use and the effects it can have on those working with it, and the ECHA is proposing not to recommend that any exemptions be made for its use.

This means that the use of lead, including as an alloying agent, would require application for an authorisation permit which would add a considerable cost burden, ranging from 24,000 euros for small to medium companies and 53,000 euros for large enterprises.  This could result in the use of lead in manufacturing processes being paused for the time being to allow for the timeframes involved, causing significant difficulties in production for any manufacturer using it.

In the context of our industry, lead is used in alloys including brass, and also in soldering within the electronics sector, and so the outcomes of the consultation have potential implications across a wide range of MI manufacturing.

We encourage you to review the details here, and to submit your comments on the consultation here before the deadline on 2nd May.

If you have any comments or questions for the MIA to investigate further please contact us and we will endeavour to provide the best support we can.





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