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I was first introduced to James Dove from ClimateEQ when he joined the MIA Conference last year as one of the virtual panellists for the topic of sustainability. Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet soon face to face as he is an individual who presents the climate challenge we all face in the music industry and globally with passion and urgency but not a hint of arrogance or self-importance. That’s why James, previously a music shop owner, is quickly becoming a leading influencer in this space.

The ClimateEQ Carbon Literacy training course for the Music Industry takes place remotely over two half-day sessions (8 hours in total) and is an officially accredited course so besides the nice certificate it also counts toward CPD credit for various institutions. It is also available in more flexible settings and timescales to suit individual groups or companies.

Eight hours sounds like a long time but James makes it flow briskly, utilises videos and slides to great effect and interweaves regular Zoom breakout rooms where conversation and thinking have the space to develop between colleagues. In my case I attended with seven fellow music industry professionals, and I suspect these new relationships will continue as we each progress on our personal and professional journeys.

One the great benefits of this style of live virtual training is the ability to engage and interact personally, so often missing from large webinars. Notwithstanding its online delivery the topics and ensuing discussions bring the sessions very much to life. There are also a number of online tools which you complete in real time and share with the group.

Some elements are certainly more slanted to the live music side (i.e. Carbon impacts of large festivals in beautiful countryside locations!) but being a product manufacturer did not limit me in any way and I found the perspective of that side of our industry very refreshing. This course does not pretend to offer all answers for all MI professionals but rather to provide the language and understanding to find out more detailed information more easily.

The £85 fee which I paid – discounted by 15% to £72.25 for MIA members  – was worth every penny. Of course, the bigger commitment is the time and whereas some of the topics were better known to me than others we all felt like we were learning and developing a deeper level of knowledge on what is a complicated language to master. And we came away with some firm personal and company commitments towards reducing carbon emissions as well.

I’d recommend the course unreservedly to anyone who wants to develop a fuller understanding of carbon literacy, climate change and sustainability, the music industry understanding that runs through it certainly adding to the relevance and enjoyment.


For more details or to book the training go to:


MIA members use MIA15 for a 15% discount

The topics for Day 1 include:


What is Carbon Literacy?

International Policy

The Science Behind Climate Change

How did we get here?

How we know global warming is real?

What’s the impact?

Climate Change and Inequality

Carbon Footprints

Day 2:

Emotional Intelligence

Climate Anxiety

UK Net Zero Target

What are the solutions?

What we can do as individuals

What’s happening in the Music Industry

Music Industry Case Studies

What we can do as organisations

Carbon Off Setting




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