Under the Spotlight…Music Corner Hire

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Robert Driver and I am the founder and owner of Music Corner, we’re a Brass & Woodwind Hire Purchase specialist giving people an affordable solution to playing an instrument.

If you had to share one USP of your business, what would it be?

We solely use reconditioned instruments to keep costs low for the consumer, we also have an in house team of repairers that work on all our instruments.

What do you feel is the biggest challenges for you in 2022?

We have recently acquired Play It Again UK – another well-known Brass & Woodwind brand in the south, so I think our biggest challenge will be adding a retail side to our growing Hire-Purchase brand.

Tell us about a famous customer?

Unfortunately, only being 8 months old we are yet to serve any famous people. When I was working with Play It Again UK I was fortunate to work closely with Howie Casey who played with Wings, T REX and The Who and also Paul McCartney in the early days.

What are you currently listening to?

I’m enjoying the new wave of Brass-Funk music at the moment so bands like, The Brass Funkeys and MEUTE alternatively I like to listen to a lot of podcasts including, The Diary of a CEO (Steven Bartlett), Business Broadcast (James Sinclair), Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal.

What drove you to start a hire company?

I had the idea for a while before it started, as running a hire-purchase company is an expensive outlay. But when I was hearing about huge cuts to music funding, then the COVID outbreak started, the cost of living has also rose dramatically, I thought this could be the perfect time to start as it would make music more accessible by breaking down financial barriers. Our whole company aim is to take music of its pedestal and take it to the masses.


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