Casio Music UK Launches its Wellness Hub

Casio Music UK, one of the world’s most renowned producers of electronic keyboards and digital pianos, has launched its brand new ‘Wellness Hub’ – a dedicated webpage providing information, resources and tips on how music can positively impact health and wellbeing.

Casio is striving to put wellbeing and health at the forefront of its business and kick-start its wider initiative in showcasing how personal wellbeing can be helped through the power of music. The launch of the Wellness Hub is part of Casio’s long-term ambition to enhance the wider conversation linking music and its impact on personal health and wellbeing for all ages.

Upon entering the hub, readers will find key information highlighting the benefits of music, and specifically around learning to play an instrument, to support personal wellness, wellbeing, mental and general health. Through research and the creation of fun animated videos, the benefits are split into three categories — smarter, happier and healthier. ‘Smarter’ benefits include childhood perks of learning to play an instrument and how this leads to improved reading, comprehension and spelling – along with better hearing ability, concentration, coordination, memory capacity and stronger friendships. ‘Happier’ benefits of playing an instrument include helping to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety, as well as coping with depression, reduced heart and breathing rate and improved sleep. ‘Healthier’ benefits encompasses stimulating natural antibodies and reducing cortisol, amongst other essential advantages. The list of positive outcomes that are a result of learning to play an instrument are vast and are all thoroughly outlined on the page – which is all supported by studies and research referenced in the webpage.

The launch of the Wellness Hub complements a research project launched by Casio called ‘Light Up My Life’. This study explores the link between music and dementia, and saw 50 lighting key keyboards sent to care homes nationwide via care provider MHA in partnership with Music for Dementia. This was to instigate and develop a thorough understanding of how music can positively impact people living with dementia. Findings from this project are set to be revealed soon via the Wellness Hub.

Neil Evans, Head of Casio EMI, commented: “Our aim is to create a space that is accessible for people of all ages and abilities to inform and educate them on the strong connection between wellbeing and learning to play music. We believe it’s an important area that must be explored thoroughly. 

The benefits of learning to play an instrument to enhance personal health and well being are evident, however, the depth of research by the industry so far is still relatively limited. The launch of our Wellness Hub and the progress that we are seeing with our recent ‘Light Up My Life’ study are just the beginning of Casio’s exciting journey, exploring the connection between music and health, and long-term wellness.

As a business, we are continuing to put this at the forefront of our actions, and we feel strongly that with our future wellness plans and the hub being continually developed with further research, information, tools, resources and much more, our results are going to highly and positively impact the wider music industry, where we hope to see music and wellbeing and how they work together being discussed more openly, with vast evidence to support the conversations.” 

For more information on Casio’s newly launched Wellness Hub, head to

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