Climate Action Roadmap: Scope 3 Workshop

In March the BRC held an initial Workshop in conjunction with their  Pathway 4 Roadmap Partner, IBM, focused on understanding how we can best help retailers work with supply chain partners to improve visibility and reporting of Scope 3 emissions.

In this second Workshop, IBM will feedback on the consolidated findings – highlighting what retailers deem to be the key challenges and barriers – and the type of support needed. IBM will then present, and work with Workshop participants, to prioritise and refine a possible suite of solutions and supporting frameworks.

IBM will take the chosen solution/framework and pilot with a small number of members, before developing into a final tool that retailers, of all sizes and across all sectors, can use to systematically address Scope 3 emissions.


11.00-11.05: Welcome, aims, and objectives
11.05-11.20: Feedback consolidated findings from Workshop 1 (challenges, barriers to addressing Scope 3 emissions and support needed)
11.20-11.40: Presentation and explanation of possible solutions and supporting frameworks
11.40-12.10: Interactive session to prioritise and refine solution/framework
12.10-12.15: Close and next steps

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