Learn to Play Day 2022

Learn To Play Day has become a fixture in the calendars of not just retailers but also manufacturers and distributors.  It’s an opportunity for our industry to come together to encourage those who may ordinarily find visiting a music shop daunting – to embrace their interest, help them on their first learning steps and to build a relationship which can become both supportive and transactional. We have some news to share about this years Learn To Play Day event, but first some background…

Music for All was until relatively recently run from the same offices and by the same team as the MIA, but the time came for the two organisations to work independently to achieve the very best outcomes.  I don’t think anyone could argue that this has been anything but a huge success, with both organisations undergoing transformational change both at the front-end and in operational terms.  We at the MIA have become much more efficient and, with our new Executive Team (led by General Manager Alice Monk, who previously worked across both organisations), we have been able to dig much deeper into the needs of retailers, manufacturers and distributors across the MI space. We are now fully engaged with the reality on the shop floor as well as with the major issues affecting members now and in the future, and plans are in continual development to redefine the notion of what a trade body for our industry should look like.

Music for All has similarly streamlined its operations and driven positive change so that more than ever, it can make musical learning accessible for everyone. Like the MIA, Music for All has seen positive changes in its people, and has developed a new website, bringing greater clarity to updates on their activities and easier access to content for all stake-holders. The organisation has cemented and furthered its position as a hub of accessible participation in music for people across socio-economic groups, using its funds and instrument donations made to place the right opportunities in the right hands.  Read more about Music for All’s development in Chair of Trustees Tony Followell’s report here.

Back to Learn To Play Day, and looking ahead to this year’s events, here’s an update in the words of Music for All…

Learn to Play ’22 – A celebration of making music on 8 & 9 October

Music for All’s flagship event Learn to Play will take place on 8 & 9 October this year.  Following consultation with last year’s venues we have moved the date to early October to ensure enough time to build interest following the summer holidays, but to be well before half term and the crucial Christmas trading period.

We hope as many MIA members as possible will be able to take part in this national celebration of music making by becoming a venue providing free 10-15 minute taster music lessons to new and returning music makers to give them the opportunity to experience the many benefits of playing a musical instrument.  The recruitment of venues is already well underway visit https://www.musicforall.org.uk/learn-to-play/ to find out more about how you can join and host a Learn to Play ’22 event on one or both days.

A simplified venue registration process makes participation easy and a promotional package with press releases and support material will be ready for venues from July.   Music for All will also be promoting Learn to Play ’22 throughout.