Help stop theft in your store

It’s always good to start the week with something positive, or perhaps more accurately turning something negative into a positive.

A couple of weeks ago we let you know about a new member initiative that we hope will help retailers identify and prevent incidents of fraud and theft, and we are pleased to confirm that it is now live.

Incident Report

It’s really a very simple premise. We are asking any Retailer that finds themselves on the wrong side of either a significant theft or some form of fraud/scam to take a moment to share the details of the incident with us so we can alert other members and hopefully prevent further instances.

We know that the perpetrators are well organised, and increasingly move around the country targeting similar businesses. By providing the kind of specific details that other stores can look out for we stand a better chance of identifying risks before they become reality.

The report is simple to complete and should only take a few minutes, once received the MIA will issue an e-Blast to all registered members, in most cases within a couple of hours with details of the event and how to contact the reporting store for more information. You can find the report here

Sign up for the e-Blast

This will be a unique database, and we won’t use these details for any other form of MIA communication. As such please email Brontë to register the contact email address that you would like the Retail e-Blast to go to. For members with multiple stores please register each individual location.

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