Pa5X Professional Arranger. Create. Recreate. Perform.

Korg are excited to announce the new Pa5X Professional Arranger.

Featuring a brushed aluminium body with wooden side panels, Pa5X boasts a detailed and immersive adjustable colour touch screen, supported by an array of intuitive hands-on controls. More than 2,200 professionally crafted sounds are powered by an expanded EDS-XP sound engine; these sit alongside more than 600 dynamic backing styles covering a huge array of musical genres.

Whether at home, in a studio, or on stage, an unprecedented selection of advanced features sets Pa5X apart as it marks the beginning of a new generation of professional arranger keyboards.

Key highlights

  • More than 2,200 incredible sounds with new EDS-XP sound engine
  • More than 600 realistic and versatile backing styles utilising new technology

    based on round-robin sampling

  • Luxurious brushed aluminium and wood design with a choice of three

    keyboard lengths

  • Expandable with onboard sampling, deep editing capabilities, and a new

    flexible file system

  • Dual players with exclusive XDS crossfade control allows the playback of

    any two styles, MP3s, or MIDI songs together

  • Versatile real-time controls
  • Songbook and set lists for simple setting organisation and recall
  • Powerful effects and extensive inputs/outputs

Design & versatility

Pa5X looks incredible in the home, while also being ready for the road. A beautiful aluminium body with luxurious wooden side panels ensures Pa5X not only has a premium feel but is also sturdy to support countless live performance situations.

From the effortlessly compact 61-key model to the versatile 76-key, and piano- weighted 88-key versions, Pa5X provides the player with a responsive feel, with aftertouch for added expressivity.


One of the most compact flagship arrangers, featuring 61 semi-weighted keys.


76 semi-weighted keys offer increased creative versatility with splits and key zones.


For the first time, our flagship professional arranger with 88 fully weighted keys.


Thanks to a newly-developed EDS-XP sound engine (Enhanced Definition Synthesis – Expanded) and drawing on Kronos, Nautilus and SV2, Pa5X has massive sound libraries across every genre, from pianos to EPs, orchestral, synthesized sounds and more. A new drawbar organ section even offers realistic controls and a sound which benefits from the stunning effects found within Pa5X.

Smooth Sound Transition ensures seamless changes of sound and style, while Sound Controller 3 helps give an unprecedented level of sonic realism.


Pa5X features more than 600 backing styles, covering a breath-taking array of musical genres, from classic pop and ballads, to jazz, big band and movie soundtracks.

New drum and percussion sounds benefit from the use of technology based on round-robin sampling, meaning that no two drum hits are equal. This, combined with the ability to edit each part of the drum kit individually, gives new and recreated styles a fresh sound that you can make your own.



Songs, styles and sounds can be saved into the Songbook. This database-like system can then be organised into set lists for specific performances, types of music, or any other situation where quick recall of settings is needed.

Dual players

Thanks to two players and exclusive XDS crossfade control, Pa5X can play two styles, MIDI files, or MP3 files simultaneously and in any combination! These two players can be mixed or can be used to play a song while another one is waiting to start. All while the Pa5X’s sound engine ensures transitions happen seamlessly.

A bright clear display and Real Time controls

Key performance information is displayed on an immersive colour touch screen and can also be outputted to an external display thanks to a standard HDMI output. Faders, switches, real and virtual matrices of real time controls, the joystick, and the ribbon controller can all be assigned to modulate any parameter of your sound. This provides precise control of the most subtle nuances and articulation.

Programmable controls and auxiliary display

Pa5X features a fully programmable control section with nine faders and nine buttons. Freely assignable, the current function is shown on an auxiliary strip display so that you always know what you have under your fingertips – even if you are on a different page on the main display.

Mixer and effects

Pa5X houses a vast array of studio-level effects resulting in a polished and high- production quality sound.

Inputs and outputs

Pa5X has a huge selection of audio, MIDI, USB, control, and storage connections. A microphone and guitar can be connected simultaneously to the Pa5X, where both inputs have dedicated on-board effects. Vocal processing adds incredibly lifelike four-voice harmonies that recreate the feel of real backing vocals, alongside a new Auto Pitch feature.

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