Studio Sessions for KORG new volca sample launched by SME music

SME music is proud to announce the launch of Studio Sessions, developed entirely in-house by SME owner Ian Bradshaw. Consisting of 16 performance-ready patterns, the music creator can quickly select a pattern to underpin their track, then focus on other instruments for melodies, improvisation, and bass lines. The excellent performance features found on the volca sample, facilitate easy variation and can be played live while a pattern is running.

In addition to the patterns, 19 hand-pick samples from drum machines that graced the 1970’ and 80’s have been added to the already brilliant KORG factory data.

The product is aimed at all KORG new volca sample owners, providing inspiration and helping save time when producing music. With a strong focus on R&B, Studio Sessions gels with Hip-Hop, Future Beats, and current chilled music genres.

Full product information along with audio demonstrations can be found on the SME music website via

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