5 reasons to take part in Learn to Play’22

Music for All’s flagship event Learn to Play will take place on 8 & 9 October this year, and it’s an event that has historically been well supported by MIA members. Unsurprisingly participation dropped off through lockdown, but there are still lots of good reasons to embrace the opportunity and host your own event, here are our top five;

  1. It’s good to give people a reason to pop in. 

Learn to Play is a great opportunity to promote your store and demonstrate what you offer. Not only will it serve as a welcome reminder to your existing customer base that you offer tuition it could also help you attract a whole new audience. 

Crossing the threshold of a music store can be a bit daunting for some, so providing a fun, inclusive and easy to access toe-dip into music making can be very powerful. Recent google research also shows that post-lockdown people are looking to engage with and get the most from businesses and resources on their doorstep. So what better way to pull those two things together

2. It gives you something to shout about

Good, organic social media content takes work. Not only does an event like Learn to Play give you something to shout about, but by the very fact it is a national campaign it will also push interested people in your direction. It’s a no-brainer in terms of increasing your engagement across a number of platforms. 

There is also a great amount of content produced by Music For All to support the event that is available to share, such as lessons from professional artists and influencers. 

3. It’s timed really well

Following consultation with the venues that took part in 2021 the date of this year’s event has been moved to early October. This gives lots of time to promote the event after the summer break, but crucially it is before the half-term holiday kicks in. 

And it goes without saying it serves as a great seeding activity for the Christmas present buying season.

4. You can form beneficial partnerships

As well as taking advantage of the relationship with Music For All, you could also team up with other local partners to enhance your event. Maybe invite local musicians or influencers to deliver a few lessons, or even just partner with other music-related venues to promote it to a wider audience.

And if you have always shied away for Learn To Play because you don’t normally offer any tuition in-store, why not make contact with local tutors and see if they want to showcase their services at your venue for a win-win outcome.

5. Its really easy to get involved

A simplified venue registration process makes participation easy and a promotional package with press releases and support material is included to help you shape your comms and get started.

You can start the process off by clicking here

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