Fender Releases Next Player Plus Session Video with The Linda Lindas

Fender have just released the latest installment of their Player Plus Sessions video series, featuring young Los Angeles-based punk rock band The Linda Lindas! Check out the full video here: The Linda Lindas | Player Plus Sessions.

In the video, the band perform three songs (“Why,” “Cuantas Veces,” and “Remember”) on Player Plus guitars and talk about the inspiration behind their name, finding power through playing, expressing their individuality and more.

The Player Plus guitars seen in this video were designed with the next generation of players in mind who are actively shaping the future of guitar. They put the power of music and guitar in their hands, combining unbridled style and precise playability.

In celebration of these legacy-driven instruments, Fender recently hosted a panel discussion surrounding the use of TikTok and its influence on how we create, consume and discover new music. Panellists shared perspectives on TikTok’s phenomenal impact on music discovery, including the positive growth for emerging artists, the powerful #GuitarTok community, and the integral role Player Plus guitars play as tools for rising artists and guitarists in achieving notoriety on the app.

Watch the video


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