‘Under the Spotlight’ with Selectron

This week we spoke to Stuart Brown, Managing Director at Selectron…

Tell us about the values of Selectron?  

Dealing with Selectron should be a pleasure as well as a financially astute plan. We build great relationships with our dealer network and of course the brands we represent. We will always operate with integrity, and we are committed to continually learn and evolve. We value our network and tirelessly support them.

 If you had to share one unique selling point of your business, what would it be?

Far too many to only list just one I’m afraid but I’ll try to summarise. Selectron is the brand that makes your MI brand more valuable, whether you are a dealer who wants more customers driven to their door or a supplier who wants to be represented here in the way they deserve.

We go the extra mile to make our business together a bigger part of what we all do. From a no quibble returns policy to helping with dealer’s IT solutions. We like to go way beyond just making the sale.

We are quite a small company but as such we are able to quickly react when needed. We have a gorgeous portfolio of non-conflicting, highly desirable, and in some cases world leading brands. We sell the stuff of dreams. Our drop ship service enables dealers to make sales with minimal outlay and offer a delivery service that is as fast and reliable as any.

Whether your customer is just starting out, or they want that unique bespoke custom guitar, we can enable that and deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are all musicians and music gear lovers at our core. We have a heritage with Valves that is unrivalled; our staff are all highly experienced, knowledgeable, and diligent in their duties…and apparently every time a shop buys a guitar from one of our highly respected rivals a puppy dies (I haven’t researched whether that bit is true or not, but I implore the UK dealers not to risk it).

You supply UK MI stores with some of the world’s best products, but which one is your favourite? 

Ah you say that to all the boys…. but hang on, What is this? Sophie’s choice? These are our babies you’re talking about. We can’t choose a favourite child! They are all brilliant high achievers who make us proud every day.

I mean… think about it – Guild and EMG are legendary brands have defined the sound of music for decades. PJB and Acus are making the best quality boutique quality/sensibly priced amps in their field. Carl Martin pedals are the benchmark for compressors and plexi pedals and more, Cordoba is the number one nylon string brand globally as used by the Gypsy Kings and countless other top-level players. Whirlwind are legendary and have perfectly connected more people to their music than can possibly be calculated. Traveler guitars are more popular than we could have imagined and are firmly established as the best solution to the ‘play guitar when space is an issue’ problem.

Then we have our newest pride and joy, Drum roll please… Valenti Guitars (insert fireworks and sound effects here). I would say to check them out, but the MIA were sent a press release about it last week so I’m sure they sent that out and everyone has already spent their evenings watching the absolutely amazing videos about them. If you missed the press release then click here and have a look, you will know all about them soon enough so you may as well be one of the early(ish) cool kids. These things are just stunning, playable works of art. They’re all my favourite. I suppose an easier question would be ‘Which of all of our products would make my favourite rig?’ but we can save that for next time.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge for your business this year and beyond? 

There will be many in seriousness. A war in Europe, then in turn energy prices reportedly taking up potentially £4-5K per year of an average household budget. Potential seizures of imported goods because of a lack of understanding of new post Brexit UKCA regulations.

The B of E hiking interest rates at a frantic pace so that mortgage holders have way less disposable income. It isn’t hard to see that these things are going to be factors. We are very mindful at Selectron that despite a recent period of sustained impressive growth there could be turbulent air ahead… These will not be easy times for many.

The good news is that we feel at Selectron that we are well prepared to assist our partners as indeed we did very well through the pandemic. The show must go on so and we have made plans and taken action as best we could have. We will as an industry need to keep getting creative to find ways to thrive.

 Tell us your favourite thing about your team?

They’re the best. They really are. I couldn’t have asked for better business partners or staff, from the sales guys to accounts, warehouse team and guitar tech. They all know who they are and that they are integral to Selectron. They all do way more than is asked of them to keep the ship steady and I appreciate them all greatly.

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