Casio introduces new concept designs to Privia Range

Casio Music UK, one of the world’s most renowned producers of musical instruments, has announced the upcoming release of three new models to its Privia line of digital pianos – the PX-S7000, PX-S6000 and PX-S5000. Boasting a completely new, modern aesthetic, these beautiful pianos set themselves apart from other digital pianos which are equipped with improved features and have been specifically designed to play in various living spaces. All of these innovations come together to deliver an all-new premium playing experience.

Under the “In Harmony with Life” concept, Privia will delight people who want to enjoy playing the piano in accordance with their own values. With a design that is in harmony with modern lifestyles, and technology that delivers outstanding playability as well as expressiveness, Privia ensures users can enjoy playing music in their own unique way.

The flagship model, the PX-S7000, redefines the way pianos can be incorporated into everyday life, based on the concept of “Style, Reimagined”. Because of its design, the piano can be placed anywhere in the home, instead of having to place it up against a wall due to appearance or acoustic characteristics. Its sound offers users something unique as the quality is composed of individually adjusted sound elements and output from each of the four speakers, so they combine to create a natural sound. Pianists can simply choose an acoustic setting matching the piano’s position — near a wall, centre of a room or on a table.

While the PX-S7000 features a built-in stand and integrated pedals, the straight lines of the design give it a light impression. The transparent acrylic music stand, pedal unit, and even the speaker fabric on the back are coloured to match the colour of the body, creating a design that is beautiful from any viewing angle. It also features a refined, deep yellow “Harmonious Mustard” colour. This special colour, rarely found on a piano, harmonises beautifully with virtually any room’s interior, while adding a touch of elegance to the living space. This model is also equipped with a new hybrid keyboard made not only of resin but also of wood. Unique digital control technology and the new keyboard mechanism deliver a richly expressive and natural touch, from soft to strong keystrokes.

For the PX-S6000, users will enjoy the same innovative sound system and highly expressive keyboard as the PX-S7000. Eminently portable, it can be carried to play in various locations, and it can also be set up on the separately available stand. The interior-friendly blended body, featuring a combination of glossy black and a beautiful walnut wood grain design, along with the speaker fabric, harmonises with any lifestyle.

The same piano offers various tone adjustments which lets users enjoy unique musical expression with the sounds of their choice. The Tone Modify function can be used to fine-tune sound textures and a variety of effects to control tone in real time to personal preference. Not only that, but intuitive adjustments can be made using the knobs on the keyboard sleeve and other controls, as well as visual adjustments of multiple parameters can be made using the included Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor, together with the dedicated Casio Music Space app.

Lastly, the PX-S5000 offers a high-quality, part wood and resin touch thanks to its Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keyboard and high-grade sound with the same slim 232mm depth found on the previous models (PX-S1100/S3100). While the design is minimalist and clean, a sophisticated colour scheme, with gold lettering on the body and glossy black from the front panel to the keyboard sleeve, lend a higher grade of sophistication to its appearance.

Neil Evans, Head of Casio EMI, commented: “We are excited to unveil the latest additions to our Privia range of digital pianos. They have been designed in a way that is completely unique and will redefine what a home piano could be. These beautiful pianos – especially our flagship model PX-S7000 – could become a staple in any home offering a striking aesthetic that does not compromise on quality. “ 

All three models will be available to purchase from October. The PX-S7000HM will have a price of RRP £2,249, THE PX-S7000WE/BK at £2,099, the PX-S6000 at £1,499 and PX-S5000 offered at £999. All models will be available at music instrument retailers nationwide as well as online. To find out more information, please visit

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