Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Details Confirmed

It has been announced over the weekend that the state funeral for HRH Queen Elizabeth II will take place at 11am on Monday 19th September, and that this day has been declared a public holiday. This day will also be the final day of the period of National Mourning.

We have been contacted by The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) who have confirmed the following:

‘This Bank Holiday will operate in the same way as other Bank Holidays, and there is no statutory entitlement to time off. Employers may include Bank Holidays as part of a worker’s leave entitlement.

The Bank Holiday will be a unique national moment, and we would encourage employers to respond sensitively to requests from workers who wish to take time off.

The Government has published guidance for the public and businesses on the period of national mourning.’

Just a reminder we published guidance for members on the period of National Mourning on Friday, which covers topics such as marketing, social media and staff welfare which you can find here.

The MIA team are available this week if you have any questions or concerns.

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