MusicIncite takes guitar practice to another level

MusicIncite, Ltd., today announces the addition of new capabilities to emuso/PracticeSuite PRO for exploring and practicing chords and chord progressions, and for ear training. These were driven by our trial and customer base.

The capabilities include:

The addition of quartal chords. These include 3-note and 4-note voicings.

Vertical pattern inversions (for a chord or melody) on virtual guitar / bass. Previously, these could only be inverted along the “neck” or along the “piano”. Now they can be inverted across the neck as well. Great for drop-2 voicings and discovering new ideas.  Any pattern can be used, from our chord and scale libraries, or chords and arbitrary melodies you invent.  Notes in the pattern can be selected multiple times to create the melody, and this is remembered and applied to each inversion, ready to imprint with one click onto a rhythm part in Rhythm-X.

Enhancements to auto-chord generation, which creates appropriate chord types for the last-used scale, of different complexities, from scale degree locations clicked on the “guitar” or “bass” or “piano”. Non-scale chords can now be included without leaving auto-chord operation, and these can be dragged onto scale degree locations without changing to a scale-based chord. All chords can be edited. All can be inverted. This makes it much easier/quicker to create interesting chord progressions including modal-interchange chords, and approach chords.

The addition of Basic CAGED chords.  Helps beginners visualize and comprehend the basic system.  These can be moved through the CAGED regions with simple keyboard command, making it easier to understand.

The melodic ear trainer now lets the user create their own melodies, additional to the previous interval sets. This lets problematic melodic fragments be tested from different tonal centers in different octaves. Both the melodic and harmonic ear trainers now support navigating through a generated chord progression or melody, one chord or note at a time, to compare the generated sound versus the user’s response, and visualize the differences.

Jerry Kramskoy, Founder and CEO, “We continually strive to put more power at the fingertips of our users to help them build their musicality.   As a guitarist improves and increases his or her understanding of improvisation, and music creation, so does emuso in meeting their needs.”

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