Under the Christmas Tree Lights: Kenny’s Music

2022 has been quite a journey for Kenny’s Music.  How would you sum it up?

It has been a huge year for us, with a change of ownership following Kenny Graham leaving the company. The good news is that our investment in stock, marketing and the team seems to have paid off, and we’ve seen record sales in the last few months since the acquisition.

What has been the biggest challenge this year?

Aside from supply chain chaos, rapid inflation, and a seven-fold increase in energy costs, I would say it has probably been getting used to spam emails addressing me as “Kenny”.

How does 2023 look for Kenny’s Music?  Are there any plans you are able to tell us about yet?

We’ve got loads of plans for the New Year, but the general thrust is that we will be looking to really engage with the musical communities in the areas that we serve, and we will be more creative about how we do everything, from how we present the stores to how we sell online.

What’s your favourite Christmas music?

To be honest, I think we hear quite enough Christmas music in the likes of Tesco at this time of year, and music shops should be a proudly Wham-free zone. If forced to choose, I would have to go for Yuletide Zeppelin, which is simultaneously brilliant and atrocious.

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