Under the Christmas Tree Lights with Blackstar Amplification

How would you sum up Blackstar’s 2022? 

2022 has been a very exciting year.  It was great to be back at NAMM and launch our new St. James products.  Generally getting out and meeting customers has been great.  There are uncertainties but we continue to progress step-by-step in the right direction.

What has been the biggest challenge this year?

Market overstocks (not necessarily of our products) leading to challenges in some markets, especially the USA. We are also still experiencing some ongoing material shortages, which are more than likely a post-pandemic hangover.

What are 3 moments from the year that make you smile when you think of them?

It was great to have alt. rock legend Bob Mould at Blackstar HQ, and seeing Blackstar used live by The Slow Readers Club, a favourite with our team. The launch of our St James and Amped products was also a big highlight.

How does 2023 look for Blackstar? Are there any plans you are able to tell us about yet?

We are confident that the major component issues should be resolved in 2023, so that’s a huge positive.  We have a strong new product roadmap, including more game changers, and that leads me to be confident of sales growth. I’m looking forward to travelling more, with all the opportunities that always brings.

What’s your favourite Christmas music?

Old school crooners and the rockier stuff.

Are you planning a big traditional Christmas, or something different?

We’ve already had several festive Blackstar do’s, including the traditional Balti King, Curry and ‘Bring your own’ extravaganza/debacle.

Personally, Christmas for me is at home with family. For once, I’m not travelling so looking forward to chilling – might even do some music.

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