Sellers on Reverb saw continued success throughout the holiday season

Reverb, the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments, today announced that its sellers recently wrapped up another successful holiday season. Amidst economic uncertainty, music makers from across the globe turned to Reverb sellers for a wide range of new, used, vintage, and hard-to-find instruments that fit within their budgets.

Millions of music makers use Reverb to find their next piece of music gear, particularly during the holiday season, when 1.4 pedals sold per minute on the marketplace. As buyers searched for musical instruments that fit within their budgets, Reverb promoted sellers’ discounted inventory with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more holiday promotions. Several brands and music instrument retailers, such as ProAudioStar, partnered with Reverb to promote exclusive deals or deep discounts, knowing that Reverb’s musician community would be quick to take advantage of these promotions this year.

“This holiday season we joined forces with Reverb, and we sold more guitars in three weeks than we normally do in six months,” said Ron Wolf, President of ProAudioStar. “No other third party platform gets the job done like Reverb.”

Throughout 2022, Reverb continued to invest in online marketing and advertising to drive more buyers to sellers’ gear, while simultaneously improving the seller experience. In Q4, Reverb enhanced a number of useful tools, making it easier to list gear for sale, connect with interested buyers, and  sell at competitive prices, including:

  • The “Watch” feature, which allows sellers to identify music makers interested in and in market for the gear they have for sale.
  • Direct Offers, which helps sellers more easily send personalized offers and promotions to interested buyers.
  • Regional Shipping Rates, which help sellers meet increasing expectations for free and free, two-day shipping with competitive rates tailored to specific regions.
  • An upgraded Reverb Price Guide, which provides sellers and buyers with an even greater breadth of real-time and historical pricing data for used and vintage gear.

“We want selling on Reverb to be as easy as possible, which is why we’re always making improvements to our marketplace aimed at helping sellers connect with the buyers looking for their gear. Over this holiday season in particular, we enabled sellers to reach buyers to offer gear that inspired them and fit within their budget,” said David Mandelbrot, Reverb’s Chief Executive Officer. “In the midst of economic challenges and uncertainty, we need music more than ever. The Reverb seller community enabled music makers all over the world to find the gear they needed—whether it was a one-of-a-kind vintage guitar or an affordable synth—to keep creating wonderful music over the holidays and beyond.” 

If you have discounted gear you’d like to promote or want to learn about additional tools to bring more buyers to your Reverb shop, contact

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