New Look Aguilar Bass Effects Pedals Land in the UK.

Aguilar Amplification have announced their new look bass effects pedals are now available in the UK and Ireland.

New for 2023, Aguilar have given their much-loved pedal range a sleek new appearance with eye-catching artwork on a matte black chassis and premium machined control knobs – all in a compact pedalboard-friendly design.

Featuring the same iconic Aguilar circuitry that has seen them become a mainstay on the pedalboards of some of the world’s greatest bass players, the re-imagined second generation of Aguilar’s effects pedals are manufactured alongside Aguilar’s range of bass amplifiers, cabinets, pickups and preamps in their headquarters in New York, USA.

With intuitive control layouts and powerful feature sets, Aguilar effects pedals give bassists an incredible range of sonic possibilities. Utilising inspired design and engineering ensures superior performance without losing low end. All pedals are powered by a 9V DC battery with an optional 9V power supply also available.

Aguilar’s new look bass effects pedals include: ‘FUZZISTOR’ Bass Fuzz, ‘AGRO’ Bass Overdrive, ‘GRAPE PHASER’ Bass Phaser, ‘FILTER TWIN’ Dual Envelope Filter, ‘OCTAMIZER’ Analogue Octave, ‘CHORUSAURUS’ Bass Chorus, and the ‘TLC COMPRESSOR’ Compression.

With retail prices starting from £229.00, Aguilar’s new look bass effects pedals are available to order now exclusively through UK distributors Barnes & Mullins –

Watch the video: 

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