JHS To Distribute D’Andrea Accessories

In 1922, vacuum cleaner salesman, Luigi D’Andrea purchased sheets of tortoise shell coloured cellulose nitrate plastic in downtown New York City. With mallet dies he punched out the first known guitar plectrum, and by 1928 he was a market leader, producing flat picks, thumb, fingerpicks and pickguards.

Today, D’Andrea USA is still renowned worldwide in the music industry for supplying superb guitar accessories for the performing musician, including a host of custom scratchplates and plectrums now distributed in the UK and Ireland by JHS.

Constructed from the finest tone enhancing materials, all D’Andrea plectra combine durability and ‘memory’ with the right amount of flexibility and strength to perform with a delicate subtle approach, or deliver killer riffs and power chords without extensive string breakage.

These include the vast range of D’Andrea Celluloid-Classic, Wild Celluloid, Shell Celluloid, Designer Pearl, Cool Plecs, Pro Plecs and Pro Grip Bites series plectrums, which have been a favourite with musicians for decades. Available in all popular gauges and profiles, with dozens of eye-catching patterns and designs.

Carefully designed and manufactured from delrin/acetal material, D’Andrea’s Delrex plectrums are not only designed for minimum wear with maximum ‘memory’, their matte surface ensures a smooth, firm non-slip grip that’s perfect when the gig hots up, whilst their own sound characteristics highlight clarity within solo note runs and articulated chord structures. D’Andrea’s Delrex plectrums are available in all popular gauges, colours and a choice profile shapes to suit all playing styles.

D’Andrea USA, is widely acknowledged for their large selection of thumb, finger and flat plectrums in assorted colours, hand-built in plastic for players who prefer the tone of this material on their strings.

For guitar and bass players who like to customise the aesthetics of their instruments, D’Andrea offer a vast selection of visually enticing, high quality 1-ply and 3-ply scratchplates with matching vibrato back-plates for T-style guitars and S Style guitars with SSS or HSS pickup permutations. Bass players can also choose from a host of colours and designs for P and J style basses from the D’Andrea Pearl Pro Sparkle Pro Series, whilst acoustic players also have a choice of popular profiles and finishes.

Whether you are professional musicians on the circuit, a student or playing at home for fun, D’Andrea have a huge range of excellent cleaning products, including polishing clothes, polishes and string cleaning lubricants sold separately or in a variety of comprehensive cleaning and guitar maintenance kits.

The D’Andrea extensive range of premium guitar accessories offering musicians a personal addition to their instruments and their performance, includes brass bridge pins with abalone or pearl inlays and the innovative Spider Capo which allows alternative tunings not possible with capos, along with a host of everyday must-have products like string winders, plectrum holders and glass slides.

“D’Andrea has always had a superb track record for producing excellent value, products constructed from high quality materials and manufactured in the USA”, says JHS Managing Director Paul Smith.

We have an enormous respect for D’Andrea and are very excited to share their products throughout the UK and Ireland.”

D’Andrea guitar accessories are distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by JHS.

Click HERE to see the full range of D’Andrea products.

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