Launching in September 2023, the new Ashdown Pro Di pedal

Launching in September 2023 we are proud to introduce the Ashdown Pro Di pedal. A preamp pedal designed to meet the needs of the NEW touring bass player. With simple useable features engineered to last.

The Ashdown Pro Di features a 5 band EQ section with an appliable Ashdown Shape option for that scooped tone if required for additional shaping options. The EQ has been taken from the basis of our ABM preamp and subsequent variations, such as the MAG and ROOTMASTER series making this a very professional product for people unable to rely upon a backline being provided.

The on-board valve emulated overdrive features with a drive mix and level to ensure you don’t lose any volume or gain when engaging the drive, used in conjunction with the input and output controls and the provided Ashdown VU meter to balance your levels to ensure unity to the output. There is also a passive and active input sensitivity pad provided with a -3dB cut for use with active instruments.

As mentioned the Ashdown Pro Di features everything you might expect from a touring Bass Pre-Amp pedal, including its own transformer isolated Di output providing perfect balanced output for front of house or a monitor feed. With an optional ground lift for using when required. The transformer is hand wound in the EU and has been designed by us to ensure quality. There is also a link out for connection to another monitor feed or alternative output for front of house. Both the Di and Link Outputs are post EQ and are set at a nominal output of 0dB.

There is a line input with its own dedicated Line Mix level control on the top on the pedal for when you need to learn a part you can plug in an audio device to play along to… Or a feed from a monitor mix and blend the amount you want to hear in your own headphone mix via the dedicated headphone output on the rear of the pedal… So you get the sound you know and love directly to your ears…

The pedal requires a minimum of 9v with 45ma draw centre pin negative (power supply not included).

The Ashdown Pro Di will be shipping via a dealer near you September 2023.. The Ashdown Pro Di is the perfect tool for bass players looking to reduce the amount they carry. Affordably priced and engineered to last a life time, responsibly designed to be repairable down to a component level for the next 25 years. The Ashdown Pro Di comes with the Standard 5 year manufactures warranty as applicable to all Ashdown products.

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