NEW CSD45M Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kit and the NEW EDA80B Drum Amp

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the NEW CSD45M Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kit and the NEW EDA80B Drum Amp. Both in stock now for immediate delivery.

CSD45M Electronic Drum Kit – RRP £579

New for Autumn 2023, this affordable, all mesh-head kit from Carlsbro has landed.

The CSD45M builds on the excellent craftsmanship of the popular CSD35M, with the addition of two new features.

A major new addition to the kit is the legless Open/Close Hi-Hat stand which emulates the feel and playability of an acoustic drum kit. The CSD45M also includes a larger 10” mesh head pad for the floor tom.

Add-on packs are also available that include the new hardware which can bring the CSD35M model up to the CSD45M specification.

You can also add an additional tom and cymbal to expand this kit further.

This kit features 4x cymbals (1x hihat, 2x crash and 1x ride) with choke and multi zone features, more than most kits at this price point. It also features a 10” Snare, 2x 8” toms, 10” floor tom and 8” bass drum, all with mesh head technology.

The module has twin headphone outputs to help ensemble playing and teaching. It comes with 22 preset kits and 10 user programmable kits drawing from the in-built library of 320 high quality drum voices.

A brand-new USB interface has been developed which makes it possible to record high quality live audio, as well as MIDI information. It can also connect seamlessly to the supplied tutorial software to give you access to 50 free drum lessons. This kit will suit players of all abilities looking for precision and accuracy.

EDA80B Amp – RRP £259

The EDA80B Drum Amp boasts updated circuitry and speakers, superseding the EDA50 model. It has a much-improved output volume and smaller footprint. It also features Bluetooth connectivity for aux audio input.

The EDA80B amp is the culmination of Carlsbro’s vast amplification experience. It thrives at home, in rehearsal and on stage – perfect for electrotonic drum amplification in addition to many other applications where a compact monitor is required.

Designed and angled to project audio directly towards the drummer while playing.

Music can be streamed via any Bluetooth device to play along to.

For more information, product images, or to place an order, please get in touch with Active Music at the office, via email or call 020 8693 5678

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