Virtuoso’s Epic 60km Run to Fund Music Studios in UK Schools, in partnership with GAK

In a remarkable endeavor, the founders of Virtuoso, Austen and Scott Smart, alongside Oli Crossland, their Head of Video, are preparing for a 60km run through the Lake District, scaling a staggering elevation of 2800m. Their objective is to raise £1,000 for each kilometer covered, amounting to a total of £60,000. This initiative seeks to address the pressing need for music resources in schools and pave the way for young musical talents to flourish.

An Alarming Lack of Resources in Schools

Since establishing Virtuoso in 2016, the company encountered significant hurdles, chiefly the huge shortage of resources in schools and the challenges faced by aspiring young musicians hoping to enter the industry. The pandemic accelerated these issues, resulting in the closure of many school music departments. In response, Virtuoso is taking proactive steps to bridge this gap in music education through a program designed to create opportunities, nurture resilience, and cultivate vibrant, collaborative learning spaces.

A Grueling Run with a Profound Message

The demanding 60km run symbolises more than a physical test of endurance; it serves as a metaphor for the challenges confronted daily by many young music enthusiasts in pursuit of their dreams.

Helping Bridge the Gap

Virtuoso is actively raising funds through various initiatives and corporate social responsibility contributions from its partners. The objective is to allocate these funds to establish modern micro-studios in schools across the UK, each valued at approximately £2,000, ensuring that students can engage in music education without delay. Moreover, 50% of the funds will be dedicated to one-to-one mentorship with industry professionals and experts. The project also includes a collaborative online training program, further fostering a sense of community among participating schools.

A Commitment to the Future of Music

The September ultra-marathon signifies more than physical exertion; it represents a commitment. As a proud B-Corp, Virtuoso is taking tangible steps to demonstrate its unwavering belief in the future of music and the emerging artists poised to shape it.

Virtuoso has partnered with GAK ( to deliver and fulfill the micro-studios.

For further information about the Virtuoso Bursary, the allocation of funds from this challenge, or to make a direct donation, please visit:

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