W.E.Hill & Sons Peg Paste – Traditionally re-packaged for 2023

Barnes & Mullins are pleased to announce that re-branded, re-packaged W. E. Hill & Sons Peg Paste will be shipping to retailers and distributors in the coming weeks.

Hill’s Peg Paste, which has been the industry-standard solution to sticking pegs on bowed instruments for decades, is returning to a historic look and feel.

Currently packaged in a plastic twist dispenser, the decision to change was driven by a desire to reduce the level of single-use plastic packaging. As the previous twist dispenser was comprised of two types of plastic, efficient and reliable recycling was a challenging process.

So, the decision was taken by the W. E. Hill & Sons company to return to the historic aluminium tube container: a form with which instrument luthiers and repairers are already very familiar. It is worth noting that the quantity of Peg Paste contained within the new packaging has not changed.

Barnes & Mullins marketing director, Alex Mew, commented, “This change is a positive move away from plastic packaging: the use of which is something that as a company, Barnes & Mullins are constantly trying to reduce. But it was also a great opportunity to update the appearance of W. E. Hill & Sons most beloved products. We’re delighted with the results.”

In recent years, with the introduction of W. E. Hill & Sons Conservation Wax and Premium Rosins, the Hill company has created a consistent brand image utilising a dark green and vibrant gold, and the introduction of this new packaging sees the Peg Paste now echo the family colours, clearly denoting it as part of this renowned product range.

Hill Peg Paste (SKU #1788M) will continue to be found in store and online in its current, plastic twist tube format as retailer’s stock moves through, but over the coming weeks all new orders despatched from Barnes & Mullins will change over to this new, improved format.

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