Vox introduce three new guitars

Vox introduce three new guitars, fusing state-of-the- art sound modelling with a classic aesthetic.

The new Giulietta VGA-5TD combines the compact fully hollow archtop body with powerful digital sound modelling technology, delivering an instrument that’s effortlessly playable, practical and stunning to look at.

Available in Pearl Orange, Natural/Metallic and Faded Silver finishes, The Vox VGA- 5TD strikes a perfect balance between the compact single cutaway body size and a full-scale neck. While full-sized archtop guitars possess undeniable visual appeal, their considerable size can be somewhat cumbersome for many players. Moreover, these instruments tend to be more susceptible to feedback issues when played at stage volumes.

Vox Giulietta guitars are known for their lightweight, compact design that provides comfort and ease of use. An exclusive hybrid bridge system goes beyond what is usually possible with acoustic guitars by allowing for easy adjustment of the string height. The VGA-5TD also includes a detachable string mute that addresses a typical issue with archtop acoustic guitars, namely the piezo capturing the lingering vibration of strings between the bridge and the tailpiece.

The VGA-5TD’s AREOS-D sound modelling system gives you access to a wide range of parameters, and features both magnetic and piezo pickups, a powerful DSP engine, two potentiometer dials, and a selector switch for access to 18 modelled sounds. A Tune-O-Matic-style bridge that’s built into the piezo pickups adds brightness, offering clean yet rich harmonics to the acoustic sound. Further, the Vox XLM humbucking pickup outputs an authentic electric guitar sound that’s responsive to your playing dynamics. This mighty combination brings a diverse range of sounds within easy reach.

While developing the AREOS-D module, the need for synth models that allow for real-time control over sound-shaping parameters was clear. By harnessing sophisticated DSP logic and meticulously adjusting data derived from the strings, we create synth sounds that are more seamless to play than most other guitar synths. The Giulietta VGA-5TD is designed with versatility in mind. With a wide array of sounds at your fingertips, there’s no need to carry a banjo, sitar, resonator guitar or other instrument that may only be used once or twice in a gig.

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