Vox revives iconic 60s body shape with Mark V mini guitar

Vox revives iconic 60s body shape in the latest addition to their mini guitar line-up.

The Mark V mini guitar draws inspiration from the ‘phantom’ shape, which has held a special place in musicians’ hearts since its debut in the 1960s.

With a small footprint, narrow neck and light body, the Vox Mark V mini is easy to play – a mini guitar with a short scale that still plays like a regular guitar. It features a 476 mm short-scale neck, but by stringing it with heavier-gauge strings, it can be tuned to standard tuning (E-A-D-G-B-E). The nut is the same size as a regular guitar, but the 476mm length is three-quarters the scale. And yet, because of the clever design and the standard tuning, the Mark V mini guitar can be played just like a standard guitar with no need to adapt your chord fingering. In fact, because of the shorter scale neck, your fingers can stretch further and play chords not possible on a standard neck-length guitar!

Mark V mini guitars boast two high-quality single-coil pickups that give you the distinct sounds of the 1960s, along with a selector for choosing from a wide range of tones. Thanks to custom-designed tuning pegs with an adjusted gear ratio of 18:1 to match the short scale of this instrument, tuning Mark V mini guitars is as effortless as a full-scale guitar.

The Vox Phantom body shape is possibly even more unique than the Teardrop! The iconic design, known for its vintage and edgy look, has been a favourite for countless artists and guitarists.

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