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We were having a chat over our first mince pie of the season, and we realised that it’s been far too long since we threw some form of Christmas Get-Together for the industry…

In the past, we have done a variety of events and the one thing they’ve all had in common is the atmosphere that is generated when we all get together, have a few drinks & let our hair down.

For 2023, we’re going to keep it simple. We’ve organised a Christmas Menu with a suitable amount of alcoholic accompaniment in a venue that lends itself perfectly to festive frivolity, lots of laughs and the possibility of it getting a bit messy.

Our Christmas Bash is taking place at Revolution Bar (London Leadenhall). which is less than a 10-minute walk from Liverpool Street Station. You may or may not already have memories of previous nights out at what used to be known as ‘Vodka Revs’, but there’s always time to make some more!

Having asked you what your preferred options would be, we’ve managed to get your first choice – amid-week date that is away from Black Friday, but early enough not to be troubled by the last minute Christmas traffic.

We’ve also kept the price as low as possible to open the evening up to as many of you as can attend. So for the ridiculous price of £49.95+VAT, you’re going to get a welcome drink, a three-course festive menu, and a further 3 drinks of your choice.

Please note: We have a limited number of tickets available for the Christmas Bash, and members will get exclusivity on tickets until 5pm on Wednesday 22nd November when it will go on general sale.

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