Blackstar announces St James EL34 & 6L6 Editions

The St. James EL34 and the St. James 6L6 plugins are streamlined versions of the St. James plugin, each containing one of the St. James amps. These software amplifiers have been designed by the same team who created the benchmark products lines Artisan, Series One, ID:Series and St. James. By applying decades of world-class real-world amplifier design experience, the St. James Plugins deliver the TONE and FEEL of real valve amplifiers in a visually stunning, low- latency package that is easy to use and sets new standards in the live and studio/recording world. The St. James plugin offer the most authentic guitar amp plugin experience possible, because they contain Blackstar designs that are guitar amps in their own right.

The 60 Second Story

  • The St. James EL34 and 6L6 plugins are feature focussed variants of the St. James plugin, concentrated on delivering pure and authentic amp sounds.
  • The St. James plugins are software amplifiers purposefully designed for uncompromised tone and feel.
  • Developed by the same Blackstar R&D team responsible for Blackstar’s high-end valve products, including the Artisan range and physical St. James valve amps.
  • A unique iteration of CabRig, our advanced DSP speaker simulator, featuring a curated selection of cabinet and microphone combinations
  • Painstakingly crafted Blackstar factory presets from the design team.
  • Breathtakingly accurate power amp simulation, including both 50W and Sag power amp modes available on the real St. James valve amps.Top 3 Call-outs
  • Blackstar have decades of experience in amplifier design and have engineered the St. James plugin in-house with the same development team.
  • Uncompromised tone in a universally accessible and familiar format reduces the time-to-tone to near zero.
  • Curated, fixed combinations of Blackstar speaker cabinets and industry standard microphones allow users to get outstanding results every time, without any hassle.

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