Vox announces innovative new frame ukulele

Step into a new era of music with the Vox Actaeon VFU-1, a frame ukulele that seamlessly blends innovation with practicality. This ground-breaking instrument offers the familiar, warm tones of a traditional ukulele, while its unique body-less design ensures a quiet playing experience, perfect for any time or place.

Enjoy the freedom of playing the uke without disturbing others. Its silent feature, enabled by the absence of a resonance chamber, is ideal for late-night practice sessions or for playing in noise- sensitive environments. The built-in preamp and effects unit, complete with headphones compatibility, means you can immerse yourself in your music without external disturbances.

The frame construction of the VFU-1 also solves the common issue of feedback when amplified, making it a reliable choice for live performances. This design minimizes unnecessary resonance, ensuring a clear, feedback-free sound when connected to an amplifier.

Whether practising in silence or performing live, the VFU-1’s piezo pickups and preamp system adapt to your needs. Plus, the AUX input allows you to play along with your favourite tunes or backing tracks, enhancing your live performances.

Enhance your sound with the built-in chorus and echo effects. These add depth and movement to your ukulele tone, creating a rich soundscape that transcends the limits of traditional ukuleles, all without the need for extra equipment.

Finally, the VFU-1’s Low-G tuning adds a new dimension to your music. By tuning the fourth “G” string an octave lower, you get a deeper sound and the convenience of using guitar chord fingerings, making it easier for guitarists to transition to the ukulele.


Neck and body material: Okume 3P (neck through body)
Fingerboard material: Rosewood
Bridge Material: Rosewood
Pegs: Graph Tech “Ratio” series PRU-4004-BK with 6:1 gear ratio
Strings: Aquila aq-104 Low-G set by Aquila, renowned for its long sustain and tone! Pickups: Belcat OMEGA2

Frame: hardened plywood
Effects: Chorus, Echo
Connections: Φ6.3mm phone out, auxiliary input jack, headphone out Scale380mm (concert)
Nut width: 35mm
Fingerboard radius: 300mm
Number of frets: 17
Neck Shape: C-shape
Dimensions: W/D/H : 220 x 48 x 596mm
Weight: 730g
Accessories: Gig bag, batteries for operation check, instruction manual

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