Transform your CSR strategy with Music for All

Not only do Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives help to meet legal obligations on paper, they are vital in creating a meaningful, positive impact, placing your business firmly at the heart of your community. Music for All is a grassroots charity supporting disadvantaged community groups and individuals who also advocate for the benefits of music-making.

Music for All works to provide opportunities to those least able to access music-making, whether restricted financially, socially or by health or cultural barriers. The charity also advocates for the power of music and its proven mental and physical health benefits, as well as its extraordinary ability to bring people and communities together, of any age and of any background.

How would my business’s support make a difference?

Music for All relies solely on charitable donations for their work; over the past five years the charity has awarded over £300,000 in cash grants, donated hundreds of instruments and equipment to individuals, community groups and educational establishments, and provided free Learn to Play experiences for thousands of people, highlighting the sparsity of musical opportunities and encouraging access and involvement regardless of circumstances. 

Music for All needs your help! The charity is a truly fitting and impactful charity of choice for companies and organisations within the music industry. 

You may want to consider:

  • Making Music for All your business’s charity of choice – any funds will be used to support or work with disadvantaged musicians, including our grants programme
  • Making regular instrument and/or equipment donations to Music for All – these will be awarded to disadvantaged musicians through our grants programme
  • Point of Sale Donations to Music for All. The flexibility, accessibility, and convenience of point-of-sale donations make them a great option for donors who want to make the most of small donations. 
  • Ever wondered how to get those first-timers through your doors or interested in your brand? Get involved in our annual Learn to Play events. Consider collaborating with your local tuition provider, or Music Education Hub? This is particularly timely in light of the imminent £25 million musical instrument capital grant funding roll-out this Autumn by DfE (England only).

How can Music for All help you?

Music for All provides opportunities to celebrate your impact across communication channels, focusing on powerful beneficiary stories. Supporting the charity would result in being able to confidently convey the value and impact of your CSR initiatives to your stakeholders, employees and customers, together with the publicity of your support to their audience. Music for All also provides evidence and research related to the wide-ranging benefits of music making which can be used to inform your own storytelling.

Next steps

We’d love to discuss ways in which you can support the charity, become a strategic partner, showcase your support through events, press releases, awareness campaigns expanding visibility and your business’ CSR credibility.

Supporting Music for All may inspire others to adopt meaningful CSR as well as enhancing the reputation of your business. 

Visit the Music for All website to find out more about their work or contact the charity to discuss getting involved with projects or for an exploratory conversation.

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