ADAM Audio offers new Authorised Listening Centres

Berlin, Germany (March 19, 2024) – ADAM Audio is thrilled to announce the relaunch of its Authorised Listening Centre programme. This revamp includes the addition of 120 new brick and mortar stores worldwide, providing customers with an unparalleled opportunity to experience and test a wide range of ADAM Audio studio monitors, including the new A Series.

The listening centres showcase the latest advancements in the company’s audio technology, allowing customers to explore the full potential of these remarkable monitors. Whether for professional studios, home setups, broadcast environments, fixed installations, 3D audio applications, or home audio enthusiasts, the ADAM Audio portfolio offers a versatile range of models to suit various needs.

“Our goal with the relaunch of the Authorised Listening Centre programme is to create dedicated spaces where customers can truly get a first-hand experience of the sound quality of ADAM Audio studio monitors,” says Christian Hellinger, CEO of ADAM Audio. “These listening centres will serve as hubs of audio exploration, allowing customers to listen, test, and compare our monitors, in some cases from the T Series to the S Series. Through this programme, we aim to provide an opportunity for our customers to make informed decisions as well as support our retail partners.”

Finding the nearest ADAM Audio Authorised Listening Centre is now easier than ever. The company’s website features a convenient “dealer finder” tool that enables users to locate the authorised listening centre nearest to them.

For more information about ADAM Audio Authorised Listening Centres, please visit this landing page. 

About ADAM Audio

ADAM Audio monitors have had a reputation for sonic excellence and unrivaled quality ever since the company was founded in 1999. With the development of the X-ART and S-ART tweeters, which are characterized by an extended frequency range and a higher efficiency compared to dome tweeters, this unique tweeter design has become the embodiment of a transparent, highly defined and authentic sound that is the most defining development of ADAM Audio’s proprietary designs today. Being made and tested painstakingly by hand in the Berlin factory, ADAM Audio’s high frequency driver

is a rare exception in these days of automated mass production. ADAM Audio is represented worldwide through a global network of distributors and dealers in more than 75 countries. ADAM Audio is a member of the Focusrite Group, a global music and audio products group whose products and solutions facilitate the high- quality production of recorded and live sound.

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