Zoom unveils the MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp

Zoom is delighted to announce the MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp. The MS-70CDR+ is the third next generation effects pedal of Zoom´s highly acclaimed MultiStomp series. The MS-70CDR+ gives musicians 149 spatial effects ranging from lush choruses to crystal-clear delays to atmospheric reverbs. 

With stereo input jacks that accepts signals from passive and active guitars, as well as line-level devices such as synthesizers and it’s dual line-level output jacks, the MS-70CDR+ can be used in a variety of setups. And the USB-MIDI feature makes it even easier to integrate the MS-70CDR+ in a synthesizer or studio setting. The 4 encoder knobs are perfect for tweaking your sound to the max. You can design your own Custom Patches containing up to 6 different effects with the onboard controls or via our new Handy Guitar Lab App for iOS. And the new Color LCD screen changes the colour  according to the effect tyoe you have selected, that you never get lost on stage even in the darkest enviroment. This single stompbox can shape your tone and provide endless depth and textures. 

The MS-70CDR+ will be shipping in Q2 2024.



  • 140+ guitar and bass effects, including modulation, chorus, delay, and reverb
  • Use up to 6 effects at the same time
  • 100 Patch slots with 80 presets
  • Analog circuit with minimal sound deterioration
  • Single stompbox design
  • Stereo input and output supports effects like stereo chorus and delays
  • 4x Cross Key switches (MEMORY / SCROLL) for easy operation by foot
  • Improved UI for easier navigation and control
  • Color coded LCD backlight for selected effect category
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries or AC Adapter

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