“Peace, Love & Fuzz: The Amazing Story of Danelectro® Guitars, Snark® Tuners, and Foxx Pedals” Book Now Available

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to build a world-renowned music gear company, you’ll find the answer in “Peace, Love & Fuzz.”

The newly released book chronicles the life and career of Steve Ridinger, the man responsible for reviving Danelectro Guitars and the founder of Foxx Pedals and Snark Tuners.

The memoir is filled with inspiring and gritty details from Ridinger who, at age 18, launched the iconic Foxx Pedals in an aging strip mall in North Hollywood, California.

His production team worked until midnight trying to keep up with orders for the new pedals, often serenaded by the sound of fist fights and breaking bottles from the seedy beer bar next door.

The story continues as Ridinger brings Danelectro – dormant for 30 years – back from obscurity in 1998 and sells more than 100,000 guitars in the first year. And later, during a long illness, Ridinger designs a better clip-on guitar tuner. He launches Snark in 2010 and it immediately becomes the market’s most popular tuner, with more than 15 million sold to date.

The book’s 87 pages offer a fast-paced, firsthand account of energized entrepreneurship, as well as perseverance through devastating setbacks and challenges.

Ridinger’s prescience and innovation have won a broad range of admirers in the musical instruments industry. “Steve Ridinger is one of the most interesting people in the world,” says Josh Scott, founder of JHS Pedals. “Since his early teenage years he has always been at the forefront of what was about to happen.”

Now, musicians can get a behind-the-scenes look at this wildly creative journey, as told by Ridinger himself.

There are many nouns and adjectives that symbolise exclusivity, prestige, and a timeless quality. Classic, legendary and iconic are, for example why Danelectro still remains as one of the most popular brands in the music industry.

“Peace, Love & Fuzz: The Amazing Story of Danelectro® Guitars, Snark® Tuners, and Foxx Pedals” carries a $9.95 price and can be purchased at sweetwater.com.

For more information visit : danelectro.com/product/peace-love-fuzz/

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