Shergold Guitars Announce Musik Wein GmbH as Exclusive Distribution Partner in Germany

Barnes and Mullins, the parent company of Shergold Guitars, is delighted to announce Musik Wein GmbH as the exclusive distributor of Shergold Guitars in Germany. The partnership marks a significant moment in Shergold’s continued expansion into the international market, bringing their award-winning range of guitars to a European audience.

Established in 1923, Musik Wein GmbH is a well-respected and leading musical instrument distributor. With a legacy of excellence, Musik Wein is renowned for its commitment to quality and its extensive network within the German musical instrument industry. Musik Wein will immediately begin introducing Shergold guitars, including the latest Telstar and Provocateur Standard models, into retail stores throughout Germany.

Frank Fügner, Sales & Product Manager at Musik Wein, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are very excited to distribute the new Shergold Guitars instrument line in the Musik Wein GmbH portfolio. Having been designed by Patrick James Eggle, these guitars have lots of character, display great workmanship, deliver great sounds and have a lot of useful features onboard.”

Originally founded in London in 1968, Shergold Guitars quickly earned a reputation for innovative, high-quality guitars that became championed by artists including Genesis and Joy Division. Having been purchased by UK distributors Barnes & Mullins Ltd in 2015, Shergold Guitars was re-launched in 2017 under the guidance of British guitar luthier Patrick James Eggle. The reinvigorated 21st Century Shergold guitars have gone on to collect an impressive list of awards including being voted ‘The Best Sub-£500 Electric Guitar 2023’ (Telstar ST14 Standard) by Guitarist Magazine and ‘The UK’s Best Electric Guitar 2017’ (SM01-SD Thru-Dirty Blonde) by the Music Industries Association.

The partnership between Barnes and Mullins and Musik Wein GmbH represents a significant step in Shergold’s growth strategy. By leveraging Musik Wein’s extensive distribution network and market expertise, Shergold aims to reach a wider audience and provide German musicians with access to their exceptional instruments.

For more information about Shergold Guitars and their availability in Germany, please Shergold Guitars’ website or Musik Wein GmbH’s website.

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