Communities are a way the association can organise the events it hosts, and the content it produces. This helps to streamline the flow of information and focus the discussion.

The beauty of the community approach is that members can curate their own content feed, and engage with the news and debate most relevant to them or their role.

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A networking opportunity for future business leaders to set the terms of reference for the discussions that will lead the industry into the next decade.



Music should be something that can be enjoyed by the whole community, and the organisations that drive the MI sector should reflect that diversity and embrace its potential.



The UK has a long history of producing musical instruments & technology that are innovative, unique and of the highest standard.



There are positive outcomes when people pick up musical instruments, and we need to understand what this journey looks like and how it can be encouraged.



This community is about understanding how we can operate our businesses in ways that are both sustainable and renewable, playing our part in the journey to Net Zero.



The sale of music instruments to musicians and creators is one of the core activities of MIA members, via multiple platforms & touchpoints


By Invitation Only.

The Leadership group is designed to give those key stakeholders in member organisations a high level digest of all the current or upcoming business critical topics. Executive Director Anthony Short provides regular insight & intel that can be shared to wider management structures as well as a monthly conference call for feedback and discussion.