In April this year, we, the MIA announced the launch of a brand new initiative focused on knowledge sharing; the miacademy.

This has become an umbrella for the wide variety of sessions offered by the MIA resulting in a body of knowledge that can be accessed on demand. 

As the initiative develops, members will be able to shape the content that is offered, to ensure it remains relevant and of support.

miacademy sessions are being offered in a number of formats; including on-demand audio & video, group sessions – either virtual or face to face, expert led webinars and hosted panel discussions.

Coming up on the miacademy: 

We’re thrilled to report that our sessions have already been extremely popular with our members, with the places on each session being filled at lightning speed. 

The following content will be the first to bear the miacademy branding, and will kick-off the initiative in the coming weeks;

  • HR – these sessions took place in May 21, and will be repeated
  • Safeguarding for Retailers offering Music Lessons (Available now) – click here
  • Digital Marketing (June)
  • The Importance of Good Governance (June)
  • Disability Awareness (Coming in the Summer)

The miacademy Video Content

In addition to all this exciting input our miacademy content doesn’t stop there! Available to you on-demand, we also have educational Webinars on our YouTube channel.

These Webinars have fantastic guest speakers giving you insight into a variety of issues you may face within your organisation such as our ‘Intellectual Property with Briffa Webinar’. 

Watch here: 


To watch even more educational webinars, click here:

Behind the Beat – The MIA’s Podcast


Finally, we have our fantastic podcast Behind the Beat. Here, every few weeks we will tackle a topic current and relevant to MI, with help from the key figures in manufacture, retail, publishing & education.

Listen here to our most recent episode with Simon Pollard from Millers Music:


If you’d like to listen to more of our podcasts click here –  

If you would like to secure your spot on an miacademy session or have any questions regarding our brand new initiative, please email to find out more.