Below is all the latest information we have received on instruments that have either been lost or stolen.

We partner with another database in order to bring the most comprehensive information possible and you can find other information at:

Stolen: Alto saxophone King Zephyr. Serial number 772911


There was also a 2nd alto sax stolen, vintage gold, Otto mouthpiece, in a black leather bag.

Please get in touch with Ina Wieczorek if you have any information –

YAS-480 Yamaha Alto Saxophone stolen from Iver, Bucks on Sunday 15th November

My son’s YAS-480 Yamaha Alto Saxophone was stolen last night from Iver, Bucks. I’ve attached a photo of it. His name was on several accessories in the case, although whoever stole it may have removed the labels of course. (Theo Louvieris).

Please contact Ashlyn Louvieris with any information you may have –

Warehouse burglary at IAG UK.

IAG UK, the distributor of brands including Wharfedale Pro, Wharfedale HiFi, Mission, Audiolab and Quad, were victims to a significant warehouse burglary on Sunday 18th October..

Thieves entered the Huntingdon warehouse facility and escaped with Pro Audio and HiFi products with an undisclosed market value.  Of note was the theft of large quantities of professional products including Wharfedale Pro Titans, Programme series and i-series installation loudspeakers.  All stolen products are registered by traceable serial number.

Dealers and distributors of all IAG UK brands are asked to report any unusual activities or business approaches to Huntingdon Police (Crime number 35/71126/20) or to contact IAG UK directly on 01480 447700.

Break in over the weekend – Grantham area 3/4 October weekend

Stamford Music Shop have had a customer call to say that he has had quite a lot of guitars taken, he doesn’t have access to the internet so we have only got the list he gave over the phone no pictures.

He has said that there were more taken than on this list but he doesn’t have serial numbers for the others.

Details taken over the phone so please excuse any misheard spellings!

Fender – Baja Tele – Serial M26238578
Godin Solidac – Serial 03454307
G&L Tribute S500 – Serial 05054812
PRS SE Series Santana – Serial B09580
PRS SE Series Soapbar – Serial E08584
Archtop Electric – Cort – Larry Coryell Signature – serial 020987
Epiphone Emperor Regent – Serial R0160561

Godin Kingpin – Serial 032327000507

Larrivee L03 – serial 35495

Simon & Patrick Songwriter – serial 033195000148


Burns Marque – serial 2060685


Alforso Almenara – serial 000016

The Crime number is 20000505978 – its with Grantham Police.

His name is Mr Ebingboro – 07775562428 if anyone has any news.

Musical Equipment stolen on 27th August from a van

The van was parked in Grenoside, Sheffield. Easy access to Sheffield, Barnsley, West Yorks. And Manchester!

Investigation (crime) number: 14/128084/20

The equipment stolen is as follows:

  • 2 x QSC K 12 active PA speakers
  • 5 x Stairville CLB4 RGB Compact LED Bar 4 (plus cases)
  • 2 x American DJ / Chauvet Intimidator pocket moving heads (plus one soft case)
  • 2 x Stairville MH-100 Beam moving head (plus one hard case)
  • 1 x Tama star classic 22 x 14 Bass drum in
  • Phantasm oyster and Bass drum hard case
  • 1 x Tama star classic 16 x 14 floor Tom in phantasm oyster and floor Tom hard case
  • 1 x cymbal case soft case with:
  • Istanbul Trad 20” ride (this is very noticeable as it has a crack cut out near the bell)
  • Istanbul  Xist dry dark dark crash/ride 19”
  • Istanbul Agop OM 22” Ride
  • Istanbul trad. 15” hi hats
  • 1x Stagg stick bag with various sticks / mallets / brushes plus keys and hi hat clutches
  • 1 x blue box with ass. Extension leads and kettle leads
  • 1x peli-style case with tools/misc leads/in ears/lighting controllers

Richard Hunter can be contacted on 07824 808807

John Packer Ltd. Warehouse burglary – Saturday 7th/ Sunday 8th June

Here is a message from MIA Member John Packer Ltd. –

Staff going into work today made the upsetting discovery that we’d been burgled at the weekend, with a significant number of instruments taken.

The theft took place some time between 5pm Friday and 9am on Monday morning. Thieves broke in through the fabric of the building and parts of the warehouse were ransacked. Most instruments were taken without cases and only woodwind instruments were targeted.

Police have been informed about the theft and serial numbers have been passed on. We are listing the instruments and their serial numbers below.

While we are obviously very saddened by this event, it will not prevent us from reopening next Monday June 15th. (See our website for details).

We thank all our customers for their continued support.


  • Client Sale Yamaha YTS275 Tenor Sax
  • Conn-Selmer Premiere PAS380 Eb Alto Saxophone 90812588
  • JP044 MkII Baritone Saxophone Eb Lacquer Ex Demo A 04400306
  • JP144 Cadence Baritone Saxophone Eb in Lacquer B167823
  • JP144 Cadence Baritone Saxophone B16777
  • JP144 Cadence Baritone Saxophone B16783
  • JP144 Cadence Baritone Saxophone B16779
  • JP144 Cadence Baritone Saxophone B16778
  • Jupiter JAS500Q Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer YF50226
  • Schreiber WS5010-2-0GB S10 Bassoon Silver Plated Keys
  • Selmer Seles Axos Alto Saxophone A06020
  • Selmer Super 80 Series II GG Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer 816594
  • Selmer Super 80 Series II GG Tenor Saxophone Bb Gold Lacquer 814018
  • Trevor James Alphasax Eb 371A Gold Lacquer
  • Trevor James SR Evo (Upgrade Case) Eb Alto Sax Lacquer 100352
  • Uebel ‘Emperior’ Bb Bass Clarinet To Low C 191788
  • Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer
  • Yamaha YAS-280S Alto Saxophone Eb Silver Plated N81498
  • Yamaha YAS-480 Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer Q08339
  • Yamaha YAS-480 Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer Q02003
  • Yamaha YAS-480 Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer N96378
  • Yamaha YAS-480 Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer N97887
  • Yamaha YAS-6204 Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer F11776
  • Yamaha YAS-6204 Alto Saxophone Eb Gold Lacquer F16000
  • Yamaha YAS-875EX04 Alto Saxophone Eb Custom E97952
  • Yamaha YFL-212 UKID Flute
  • Yamaha YSS-475II Bb Soprano Saxophone 42737
  • Yamaha YTS-280 Tenor Saxophone Bb Gold Lacquer N70896
  • Yamaha YTS-280 Tenor Saxophone Bb Gold Lacquer N70305
  • Yamaha YTS-280 Tenor Saxophone Bb Gold Lacquer N68664
  • Yamaha YTS-480 Tenor Saxophone Bb Gold Lacquer N76244
  • Yamaha YTS-6202 Tenor Saxophone Bb Gold Lacquer F13219
  • Yamaha YTS-82Z02 Bb Tenor Saxophone Gold Lacquer Z14812
  • Yanagisawa AWO2 Alto Saxophone Eb Bronze 00384611

Stolen Instruments – from a flat in Earl’s Court, London – Sunday 5th April 
Selmer Super Action 80 Series 2 Tenor S/N N481188
Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Drake SOSJT7
Selmer Super Action 80 Series 2 Baritone Saxophone S/N N558096
Otto Link Baritone Mouthpiece Super Tone Master 7
Selmer Bass Clarinet S/N A3167
Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Lear/L170
(BAM Low C Bass Clarinet Trekking Case, Black 3026SN)
The crime reference number is 5606125/20. Please contact Claire,, with any information.

Pensa Mk-1 model Guitar stolen from guitarguitar Camden 

The guitar is a one-off Pensa Mk-1 model, with the serial number 0813. It was taken from the guitarguitar Camden store between 19th and 26th February.

Here is a link to the guitar on guitarguitar’s site:–pensa-guitars-mk-1-classic-plus-teaburst-knopfler-spec-0813

The crime number from the Police  is 2308179/20

It’s a very distinctive guitar! Please take a look at the picture below and contact with any information you may have

TMC Music Shop, Crawley – Stolen Speakers – 14 February

I would like to make everyone aware we have had a lot of equipment stolen from us. If anyone comes across any of these items would you mind getting in touch and also gain as much information from the seller as possible.

Items stolen:
2x QCS HPR181 Bass Bins
2x QSC Ksub bass bins
2x QSC K10 speakers
2x QSC K12 Speakers
1x Allen and Heath ZED 420 mixer in flight case 1x Shure SM58 Beta Wireless Microphone 2x Shure SM58 Wireless Microphones 1x AKG Wireless Microphone

Lots of RED XLR-XLR leads, Hercules Microphone stands, satellite poles.

Crime Reference No. SXP20200215-0513

If anyone gets any information please could you contact me on the number below.

01293 611166

2 Clarinets Stolen – 1 February, Earls Court area – caught on CCTV. 

Please take a look at this PDF and familiarise yourself with these instruments:

Stolen clarinet poster

All details including crime numbers, and who to contact can be found at the link above

Violin Stolen from Birmingham home – 4th January 2020

My violin was stolen on 4th of January 2020 from my house in Harborne, Birmingham.

The violin was made by the Italian luthier Luigi Varola, it is has a light brown, very close to orange, colour.

Inside the violin there the inscription: “Luigi Varola faciebat Bergamo-Anno 20…” followed by the luthier signature. I don’t remember exactly the year. which should be around 2011, the attached picture shows the example taken from another violin of the same luthier.

The violin was contained in a Bam case, model: “HIGHTECH OBLONG VIOLIN CASE WITH POCKET”, color: “Tweed look”.

(see this link:

Together with the violin, inside the case, there were 2 bows:

a wooden bow with a turtle decoration on the frog and a black carbon bow.

please contact me if you come across this violin.

My mobile number is 07719908144

My email address is

Bassoon stolen from North London home – 30th December. 

My bassoon was stolen from my home in North London on 30th December. Marked Mueller (although actually a different model), it has a distinctive base with a hole and screw for a spike. It is in a dark red Will and Tom bag and the serial number is 78812. An attempt was made to sell it to Howarths and it may now become available online.

Please contact Lindsey Glen with any information –

STOLEN – Two bassoons: – 21st November 2019

Fox model 601 serial number: 25482 and a black plastic Fox bassoon were stolen on 21st November from my house in London.

The Fox 601 is tiger striped, and is in an unusual small rectangle case. It is set up with a knee support and has an unusual front F#.

The black plastic Fox is easily identifiable by the large scratched ‘Kilburn School’ on the tenor joint. It is in a rucksack gig bag with a seat strap. Contact the police with crime reference 243 1159/19

Fender Stratocaster stolen in Nottingham, Wednesday 20th November 

My house was broken into this week and my white fender Stratocaster was stolen.

Crime Number: 000436-20112019

Serial No is  s/no US14082251










Please contact: Tom Brogan  Tel: 07984 108379

Clarinet stolen from Leon, Notting Hill Gate, Sunday 17th November 6-7pm

Here are the details:

Buffet Crampon Vintage B flat clarinet (Serial number: 630829)

Buffet Crampon Vintage A clarinet

(Serial number: 616356)

Both stored in a Howarth of London Double case (black backpack)

Pictures of the double case and a model identical to my clarinets (the stolen one looks more used):

Please contact Matt Glendening on 07530381778 with any information you may have 

Lost Viola! Here is a description from the owner:  – 2nd November 2019

I lost my viola on 2nd November, in the evening after a concert.

It’s in a burgundy wooden case, has a car number plate style on it says joyce and a sticker says save the tiger. Inside the case is my viola which is dark in colour, 15’5 , has 2 dates written inside, one says 1752( I think) and the other one says 1827(ish).

It has 2 bows in it. One black bow and one wooden colour bow. It has a tube string holder in it as well with a set of strings already in.

It also has a green Pirastro rosin, shoulder rest, (kun style but with wooden and rubber bit is old and falling apart)

The viola has got a navy blue teddy towel wrap around it and a navy blue cloth for cleaning and the usual burgundy cover that came with the case.

I have two pictures inside, one is me when I was 6 holding a ball, leaning my head on it, the other one is me in my Taiwanese orchestra, a concert photo standing in front of a huge organ before I moved here.

Please contact with any information you may have

Theft via Credit Card Fraud – LA Guitar Sales, California

On December 12, 2018 we sold and shipped a Composite Acoustics GX Serial number: 003BIF0614139 to Mr Mok in England and on February 7th, 2019 Mok charged back the payment but is refusing to return the guitar.

If you have any information, please contact

Two basses stolen from a tour van in Doncaster –  19 September 

Please keep a look out for the following:

Overwater 5 string jazz bass.

Red with tortoise shell red scratchplate which is very distinctive as I cut it (very badly) myself.

Maple neck, ebony board with block inlays.

Mono case.


Wood & Tronics 6 string fretless zoid

Very unusual body shape!!

Natural finish maple body with wenge centre.

Ash neck, lined ebony board.

Mono case.

With any information, please contact: Luke Capon –

Fender Guitar Stolen from Absolute Music Bournemouth -15 September 2019

Unfortunately we have had a Fender Custom Shop Ltd Ed. 63 Telecaster, Super Heavy Relic, Aged Olympic White with serial number CZ541417 stolen yesterday from our store.

Our Crime Reference is 55190146119

















Please contact John Denton on 01202 597194 or at if you have any information.

Stolen Puchner model 23 bassoon serial number 6577 in a black hardshell BAM case – 21st August, Bradford/Chester

The British Transport Police crime reference number is 1900076472.

It went missing on a train from Manchester to Chester on Wednesday 21st August in the morning. It was the 8.05 train from Bradford to Chester.

Please contact Stephanie Knight via email with any information you may have.

Professional instruments stolen on Thameslink service between St Mary Cray and Sevenoaks on 22/8/19:

– Black GEWA ‘maestro’ case with green lining.
– German Mittenwald 7/8 violin, unknown maker (est. 1840-60) with distinctive lion’s head scroll, small spot on the back of scroll.
– Fine French silver mounted Louis Bazin bow (name stamp faint therefore protected by leather patch). 65g,white/blue pearl slide, small repaired crack in frog, spot side & close to the hair. Small scratch on the end of the screw.
– Brazillian spare bow.
Crime Occurence Number (British Transport Police): 1900072533

Contact details: and mobile number 07581623334













Hintlesham- piano stolen in burglary – 15th August 2019

Stolen Equipment from a lockup – Hatfield on 02/08/2019

– 4 x 1960s Marshall cabs (4×12 cabs. 2 flat grille, 2 angled) in individual flight cases

– Boss pedals: Digital Delay, super chorus ensemble, TU-2 and others

– Dunlop crybaby Wah

– Marshall pedals: Bluesbreaker and others

– Flight case full of leads, patch leads and Boss PSUs

Contact: Roy Blaby Tel. no: 07475 421787


Stolen Equipment – King’s Cross Station, London. Wednesday 31st July 

My name is Ryan Smith, FOH engineer for the tenor trio GENTRI out of the U.S. The group is currently on a small tour of Europe and unfortunately had about $25k worth of equipment stolen the other night.

I am writing with some info about the gear and the hopes that you and your staff can keep an eye open for anyone trying to sell it or get market prices from your store.

The theft happened at King’s Cross Station this past Wednesday night, July 31st, between 8:09 and 8:24pm. Local authorities have been contacted.

List of Equipment:

4 – Shure Axient Digital Wireless Handheld microphones with KSM8 capsules

6 – PSM10R+ Wireless IEM belt packs in a small SKB injection molded case

1 – DPA 4099 Piano Microphone kit

5 – DPA 4099 String microphones

1 – Allen & Heath IP8 dLive Controller

2 – Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun microphones

1 – Lectrosonics paddle antenna

Various other cables and peripherals.

All equipment was stored in a large SKB injection molded case.

We are aware the odds of getting this equipment back are very slim, but we want to spread the awareness around and perhaps something may come of it.

If you notice anything, you can email me at or our Production Manager, Doug Olsen, who is currently traveling with them, at You can also call him at +1-801-647-1122

Thanks and have a great day!

Ryan Smith


Stolen Oboe – Ilford – 20/7/2019

It is a Howarth S20 Oboe, J951. My insurance also gave me the number 13372606 but I don’t think that’s printed on the oboe anywhere, but J951 is.

Crime reference number is 4415158/19.

I can be contacted either at or on 07806 818289

Stolen Drum Kit in the News – Liverpool 20/7/2019

A musician set for a summer of festivals was left devastated after thieves stole the drum kit he spent 25 years playing.

Click link below for details.

Stolen Oboe – Bath – 17/07/2019

My Howarth LXV oboe (serial number 8102) was stolen on July 17th in Bath. It was made only last year.

Please email or call on 07970 788091 with any information that you might have.

Missing Bass Bows – Pontypridd – 18/07/2019

Bow 1 – brasil wood, dark brown, shorter bow. Not much value.

Bow 2 – Pernambuco long thin stick, stamped A.Carvahlo Brasil, chip missing in the ivory tip, no rubber finger rest, steel wrapping is slightly stained pink.

In a black double bow box, zipped, one of the inside clips is broken.

Please email with any information that you might have

2 x guitars and an amp stolen – OAKHAM, Rutland – 5/07/19

Another sad story of someone having their car broken into and their pride and joy stolen.

King Super 20 tenor saxophone stolen – in London. 29/6/19 

I had my beloved horn stolen at a bus stop  Saturday night at after a long hot night of gigging… I have had it for 20 years and its customised to my liking. Inside the case was a custom ebonite Berg Larson very open mouthpiece 11*. one of those KMG stands that goes down the bell.

Here are the details

Serial 352175  circa 1955. king super 20 tenor in a black canvas case with shoulder straps.

5 lee oskar blues harps

1 set  whits j JBL headphones,

1 KMG stand.

I have taken the bottom e flat and c guards off the horn and the guard that protects the lower inside mechanism.

Please contact Amy at (, 01892 662533 opt,1) or the owner Julian Greaves

Stolen Cornet – 11/06/19 in Birmingham

The cornet is a Yamaha YCR-8335G Neo

The serial Number is C98250

Crime Number- 20BW/137876H/19

Please email with any information!

Stolen Clarinets from the Harp Pub in London on 5th June, shortly before 10pm

The details are:

Name:  Chris Hatton


Mobile:    07871 536 815

Stolen Clarinets:  Buffet Tosca (pair)  Bb s/n 594881   A s/n 587227

Please contact Chris with any information you may have!

On the morning of Sunday 26th May, I discovered that my Trombone had been stolen from the boot of my car in London N10 area 

I would be very grateful if you could keep a look out for anybody attempting to sell it second hand.  All the details are below.  I have reported this as a crime to the police. I am a professional trombonist and so it is incredibly important to me to try and recover my instrument.

Stolen items
Conn 88h Trombone – serial no: 277467
Closed wrap Bb/F Trombone.  It is a few years old and looks relatively new asides from a repaired dent on the bell.  There is a leather hand guard on the slide section.
Glenn Cronkhite Travel Trombone case (soft case with separate slide and bell section)
Yamaha Silent Brass Mute – SB5X (mute only)
Denis Wick 4AL mouthpiece in leather pouch and various oils, pencils and cloths.

My email address is and phone number is 07778599313 if you do have any information or suggestions.

Stolen Flute – on arrival at Vauxhall (approx 8.10pm Wednesday 15th May) on a South Western train from Putney.

Haynes Q1

Serial no. 3335

Crime ref. 1900041016

Stolen Pedal Board from the Manchester area

Please contact Andrew Norton with any information on 07887361158

PMT Manchester have a regular customer who’s had a large amount of gear stolen from his van.  – 0161 877 6262

Fender Jaguar American Standard Bass in Candy Red inc a Mono bass case.

Taylor 310e with a custom bung and LR Baggs pick up installed, also in a Mono case.

2 X QSC K10.2 Speakers inc QSC tote bags.

QSC touch mix 16 desk in a QSC case.

Egnator Rebel 30 Guitar Combo

Pedal train nano+ with boss tuner, Ibanez tube screamer, DMBL overdrive, MXR phaser, HOF reverb.

Chauvet slim par X 4 in a Chauvet case.

Chauvet Slim par pro W in a Chauvet case.

Db Technologies FM10 Monitor

Neumann KMS 104 MT mic

3 SM 38s, a Beta 52 and a sennheiser e604

Shure PSM300 Wireless system.

I’d like to report a lost instrument, left on a train to Sutton on 07/03/2019.

Just in case anyone hands it in or tries to trade it. Please see below and I’d be very grateful if you would get in touch should it come your way.

What was lost: Buffet bass clarinet

Further information: Large black hard shell rectangular case with gaffer tape around edges and red handle (tennis grip coming loose). Contains a Buffet bass clarinet with large silver bell. Serial number 22301. Plus accessories in inner compartment: Two x mouthpieces Buffet B40 and Selmer, cleaning cloth and reeds, neck strap.

Chapman ML2 in Dusk stolen from a car at the Park Inn Radisson Northampton – 7th Feb 2019

It was a present and the owner had only had it two weeks, he is devastated by the loss.

Serial Number is MWI18100214.  The Crime Incident number is 19000065712.

Please contact Sarah Ainsworth with any information you may have.

Stolen Trombone in the Crowthorne area

Stolen from the owners car – it is a Bach TB300 Tenor Trombone #G4967

please contact with any information you may have

Stolen Saxophone from near Shoreditch High Street Station at 6:40pm on Sunday 20th January

Please contact Christo Squire via email at with any information you might have. Here are the details:

Yanagisawa T901 Tenor Saxophone Brass Lacquered in a Hiscox Black Hard Case

Selmer Soloist C* Mouthpiece and various other sax paraphernailia inside.

Serial Number: 00257693

Crime Reference Number: 4601817-19

Break in at Absolute Music, Bournemouth – Friday 4th January @ 1:37am

Please see the below list of guitar pedals that were stolen:

Absolute Music stolen guitar pedals

If you could keep your ears open and contact with any information you may have

Stolen Gear – Birmingham  19th December 

On Wednesday 19th December 2018 at around 11.30am I had my work van stolen from Lodge Hill Cemetery in Birmingham.

In the back was my Vincent Bach Stradivarius 42B Trombone.  It’s in a wooden, cloth clad Stradivarius Case (Bach embroidered(?) on outside).

Serial Number: 345647

In the case there were numerous Salvation Army Carol Books (and Tune Books), a bell lyre and a Dennis Wick Mouthpiece.

The crime reference number is 20BW/295497N/18.

My best email for contact is

Yamaha U3 Piano scammed from Sheargold Pianos Ltd – 29th September 2018

We have been scammed with a credit card fraud on a new Yamaha U3 in black Polyester serial number 6462059.

It was delivered to Flat in Newark on 29/09/18 by G & R.

It may have been sold on or moved from there at some time?

Contact 01932 866577 or email:

Trumpet has been stolen from the Albert Hall in Nottingham  – 4th December 2018 

The trumpet is Yamaha YATR 2335, Serial number 649421

It was in a hard black case with a brown lining.

The crime number  is 491-04122018

Contact details : Eloise Oates-Lidar – Mobile:  078 511 13076 or email:
or Sue Oates-Lidar – Mobile: 07505882167, Tel: 01332 489667 or email:

Guitar Stolen from Andertons Guildford – 28th November 2018 @ 13:01

Model: Taylor 914ce

Serial number: 887766084716

Crime reference number: 45180126825

Please contact Ian Roberts, Operations Manager at Andertons Music Co. via email or phone 01483 456711  

CCTV images also available on request 

Stolen Guitars – London – 28th November 2018

98 Sadowsky S-Type in Lake Placid Blue. White pearloid pickguard, Sperzel locking tuners, morado / pau ferro fingerboard. Serial 2727.

Godin Multiac Nylon SA. This one has a K&K Pure Western pickup and is therefore unique as it has a jack socket on the end of the guitar in addition to the usual RMC pickups.

Dingwall Super J5 -The key distinguishing features are the fanned frets, the brown pearloid pickguard, white pearloid block inlays on the fingerboard, a Sadowskypreamp, Luminlay side dots and a plexiglass ramp between the pickups. There is a Hipshot D-Tuner on the low B string with a double-stop lever, and the back of the headstock has been signed by Sheldon Dingwall of Dingwall Guitars.

Please contact

Please contact Johann Ting with any information you may have 

Pianos stolen from Markson Pianos North London Warehouse – 23 November 2018

Some time on Friday, between 11am and 5pm we had a break in at our facility in Whetstone

6 Upright PIanos were stolen. They were:

John Broadwood Number 263484 Mahogany Satin
Kawai Model CE7 Number 1691042 Black Polyester
Kingsburg Model 108 Number 38541 Mahogany Polyester
Welmar Model A2 Number 75043 Mahogany Satin
Welmar Model A41 Number 80123 Mahogany Satin
Zender Model President Number 48143 White Polyester

As you can see, this is not a list of desirable pianos. Most, if not all, require a fair amount of work.

Call 020 7935 8682 if you have any information

The Quireboys have had a large number of musical equipment and personal possessions stolen from their lock up in Tavistock St, Bedford. The theft is believed to have taken place on Sunday 11th November.

Taken were:

Vintage Cherry Red semi acoustic guitar

Vintage White V6 electric guitar

Alvarez acoustic guitar

Mooer pedalboard

Boss Tuner pedal

Boss Digital Delay pedal

Boss Graphic EQ pedal

Suitcase containing tour clothing

Also taken were a pair of BluGuitar AMP1 amplifiers, although these have been found, discarded in a nearby carpark.

Please email Paul Guerin at with any information you may have

Sussex Police are currently investigating a burglary in which a guitar teacher had the following guitars stolen from the Chichester area:

  • Baroque Guitar £3000-£4000
  • Picado Classical Guitar £3000
  • Ramirez Classical Guitar £3000
  • Ibanez ST300 electric Guitar (1979) £700
  • Freshman archtop Guitar with a Bigsby tremolo $400
  • Paco Castillo electro-acoustic Guitar £500
  • Fender Squire Bass Guitar £250
  • Acoustics Bass Guitar (Spruce top) £200
  • Ukulele (spruce top) £100
  • Rolland AC33 amp £300
  • Charanga Guitar
  • African 3 string Guitar

Please contact Mitch at and Eleanor Hughes at with any information you may have. 

Baroque Guitar
Ibanez ST300
Freshman with Bigsby Tremolo
Rolland AC33 amp


2 stolen guitars – Stephen Garner – Milton Keynes

Serial number: 160115942

Make: Gibson

Model: 2016 Traditional T

Colour: Iced Tea Burst

Description: Gibson 2016 Traditional T Iced Tea Burst. Please note the very distinctive tiger stripe between the bridge and the stop bar.

Disappeared from home in June/July this year. The Thames Valley Police. Theft occ 43180237691

The other Guitar is an Epiphone EB-3 bass. (no pictures)

Serial Number:I 02112903

Colour: Red

Description: Taiwanese model not the Chinese model, Gibson (not

Epiphone) truss rod cover, pick up selector switch 90 degrees clockwise out of position.

Same Thames Valley Police. Theft occ 43180237691

Contact: Stephen Garner, Milton Keynes: 07941272714

Stolen Instrument incidents at Headwind Music in Bristol 

Headwind Music in Bristol sold a Selmer Model 22 alto sax in silver plate (serial number 1400) as a telephone sale which transpired to be from a stolen business debit card. It was signed for at the address the card was registered to.

They also had someone telephone the shop trying to sell them what sounded like a stolen Yamaha YAS82ZB Black alto sax, and when they inquired about the serial number, the caller hung up the phone,

A customer also informed Headwind Music of a stolen Black T991 Yanagisawa tenor sax with bare brass crook and Lawton mouthpiece – serial number not known.

Please contact Ben Plocki by email at with any information you might have.

Stolen Guitar – Preston – 17th September 

Alembic Bass Guitar. Serial number; 98mj11403.

Its a cocoa butter colour with green LED lights. Crime ref number; sa1819870.

Please contact Debby on 07950120606 with any information.

Episode of Fraud at – Stolen Saxophone – 12 September 2018

We sent out a Yamaha YAS 62 to a ‘customer’ in Colchester last Friday (for next day delivery).  Our basic fraud checks passed okay, and we noticed that the delivery was signed for at the given address.  However, the perpetrator used the ploy of parking his Black BMW at the foot of the drive of the house, making out that he lived there – whilst giving the impression to the genuine person who lived at that address that he had broken down.

We received a call from the bank this morning confirming that this was fraud.  The victim contacted us shortly afterwards explaining to us what he had seen at the end of his drive – at the time he assumed it was just a broken down motorist, but we have now jointly concluded that it was the criminal hiding out at the end of his drive.

Serial number of sax is E 80859.

Update 26th September 2018: sadly had a case of telephone mail order fraud and lost another Yamaha YAS 62 sax – Serial no. E81970

Stolen Instruments from Absolute Music, Bournemouth – 02 August 2018

Rickenbacker 360/12 In JetGlo (serial 1642744) stolen on the 2nd August along with a Roland Aira MX-1.

John Denton of Absolute Music has pictures of the suspected thief available on request, please email

It is believed that other retailers in the area have had issues with the same person.

Absolute Music have also recently experienced a fraud attempt, whereby a customer does not put their card in to the card machine, but types in the 16 digits of another card instead.

Luckily, the sales assistant questioned the customers about it, so they made their excuses and left.

John also has pictures of the people that attempted this card fraud on request at

 Stolen Trevor James Cantabile flute – #207324

This instrument was stolen from Just Flutes in Croydon, and the thieves have tried to offload the flute at All Flutes Plus and Top Wind in London.

Jonathan Myall of Just Flutes has a name that the order was placed under, as well as an address if you’d like any further details

Just Flutes • Tel +44 (0)20 8662 8400  •

Hexham workshop robbed – guitars stolen! – 10 June 2018

The workshop is in Hexham, Northumberland, so Newcastle, Sunderland, County Durham, Northumberland and Cumbria are the most likely places for the gear to be found.

Please take a look at this Blog post to see a list of all the Stolen Instruments, and keep an eye out:

Stolen PRS Guitar from GAK Brighton – 07 June 2018
  • Crime Number:  47180083355
  • Brand:  PRS
  • Model:  Custom 24 Wood Library LTD
    • Flame Maple Neck
    • Quilt Maple Top
    • “Copperhead” finish
  • Serial #:  231904
  • Manufactured:  2016

The thief will not have the case, hang tags, case candy etc as they are all still here.

More pictures of the guitar and CCTV pictures of the theft are available – please contact

Stolen Guitar – Occurrence: 44180144395  – 19 April 2018
Stolen FENDER JAGUAR [SUNBURST YELLOW] MX12221488    Value:200.00

Please contact:

Helen Mills, Western Area Stolen Property Investigator
Southampton Central Police Station.

Ext 4741-152 | DDI 02380-533231|
Mobile 07469562332

Stolen Clarinets – Chesington area – 08 February 2018

Selmer Bass Clarinet (to low C) serial no. M0298

Yanagisawa 880 Alto Saxophone serial no. 156831

Noblet E Flat Clarinet serial no. 58185

Boosey & Hawkes E Flat Clarinet serial number 226699

 Please contact:

Olivia Wild – Clarinet Department Manager at Howarth of London

+44 (0)20 7935 2407

Elise Jones – Stolen Trumpet   26 January 2018

I was given this email address by an employee at Wood, Wind & Reed in Cambridge, where I bought my son’s trumpet on 25th July 2013. Yesterday evening (Friday 26th Jan 2018) the trumpet was stolen in a break-in to my car.  The details of the instrument are as follows:

Trumpet Bach Stradivarius ML37S, Serial no.644312. REV Leadpipe, S/P

We bought it second-hand in very good condition for £1500 (apparently new price now £3045).

Please will you add this to your register of lost and stolen instruments? It has great sentimental value, so we would dearly love to have it returned.

Contact: 07922 186506 or 01223 572534


Naomi   Stolen Soprano Saxophone   13 December 2017

Hello all,

So sorry for the impersonal, mass email. And I hope you’re well.

I’m just trying to spread the word about my soprano saxophone that went missing on the Northern Line yesterday afternoon. I can’t yet seem to get a crime reference number out of BTP or City of London Police, so if you’re at all able to pass this on to any saxophonists, musicians, teachers that would be really helpful. And thank you so much.

Selmer mark VI soprano, gold lacquer, very good condition, high F sharp, engraved (only a bit),

Serial number: 248266

In a black, leather wiseman, cylindrical case. (With a sticker on the side, saying my name), blue velvet interior

Selmer C* mouthpiece inside, with reeds, and other paraphernalia

Thank you again so much again and best wishes,


07753 966248

Nelson Edward Sinclair-Strong   Two Buffet Clarinets   28 November 2017

Contact me on 07591689652 and my email is

I have lost my two buffet Clarinets after leaving them on the train towards reading from Paddington. Unfortunately they have not been found and I believe they may have been stolen. Please if you can send this to anyone I would really appreciate this.

Bb R13 clarinet serial no. 642736

A R13 Prestige clarinet serial no. F288114

Patrick Hayes   Stolen Trombone   15th November 2017

Contact email:

I am a professional musician and I am contacting you with regards to my trombone which was stolen on a train in Dorset between Branksome station and Weymouth on the 15th November.  I was wondering if you might be able to help and add it to your stolen instruments list and notify anybody that may be helpful in tracking it down!

Just under two years ago I had another trombone (same case) stolen.  Six weeks later I very luckily discovered it in a nearby Cash Converters online and I was able to get it back.  Of course I’m distraught that this has happened again, especially in such a short space of time.  However I am positive and strongly feel that it will turn up again due to all of it being very unique.

It is an antique (1927) Conn Elkhart 24H small bore trombone with a new Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece and it came in a custom brown two tone leather “Glenn Cronkhite” case.  Inside I had custom ACS moulded earplugs and some M6 Pro in ear monitor headphones.  I’m only aware of one other professional trombonist in the UK that owns one of these cases and no one that plays one of these trombones!  They don’t make these cases anymore and there obviously aren’t very many trombones of this age so I am hopeful when it does show up that it will stick out!

I recently shared all these details to social media and have been very fortunate that it has reached thousands of people and been shared nearly 1000 times by colleagues and people unknown to me.  I have attached the link here:

Imogen Royce   Flute stolen   w/c 6th November 2017

Contact number 07975740087 and email address is

I am writing to give details of my flute which was stolen last week on a train, the people who stole it got off in Leeds.

The flute is a Pearl 8800 cantabile model, serial number 26037.

It’s in a brown wooden case with green velvet on the inside.

WINDCORP GÖTEBORG (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Stolen Instruments   31 October 2017

Please contact or +47 708 660 305

The thieves used the same kind of action we have seen in several break-ins in wind instrument stores across Europe. They drove a car through our entrance and security bars, and took as many instruments (without cases) as possible during a few minutes.

Here is a list of what is missing with the serial numbers we could figure out. Please help spread this list to all your friends in the music business. If you have any information about these instruments.

New saxophones:

Altsax Cannonball Key Artist Series #18045

Altsax Cannonball Big Bell Silver #179931

Sopransax Yanagisawa S-902

Sopransax Yanagisawa S-WO10 Elite

Sopraninosax Yanagisawa SN-981

Altsax Yanagisawa A-WO1 #00362643 or 00363372

Altsax Yanagisawa A-WO10 Elite #00362049

Tenorsax Yanagisawa T-WO1 Professional

Altsax Jupiter JAS-1100Q #VF06963

Altsax Jupiter JAS-1100Q #WF0005

Sopransax Jupiter JSS-1100Q #VF06555

Tenorsax Yamaha YTS-280 #M85781

Klarinett Nuvo Clarinéo Svart (standard kit)

Used saxophones:

BEG Altsax Yamaha YAS-480 #L66771

BEG Tenorsax Jupiter JTS-989 Matt Silv. #15325

BEG Tenorsax Selmer Mark VI #121778

BEG Tenorsax Selmer Mark VI -57 Silver #71453

BEG Sopransax Yanagisawa S-991 #347727

New and used clarinets:

Klarinett Jupiter JCL-1100S #VE52404

BEG Klarinett Yamaha YCL-CSGIIIH #01444

New and used brass instruments:

Valthorn Jupiter JHR-1100DQ skruvklocka #WC01556

Barytonhorn Jupiter JBR730S silver #WC08090

Valthorn Windplay WFH-800 Bb/F

BEG Althorn B&H Imperial Silver

Sam Blade Thwaites Fine Stringed Instruments 01923 232412 – 15 September 2017

A customer left a viola of ours on a train from Euston to Northampton late last night. It is by and labelled “Egidius Kloz in Mittenwald an der iser 1799” with some restoration. (we have pictures) It was in a Young dark blue oblong case with a Coda viola bow, two shoulder rests and some music in the pocket.

Catherine Hookway   07963 820730  –  11 September 2017 

My daughter’s clarinet was left on a bus in Harrow on Thursday and we presume someone stole it from the bus as it was reported quickly and the driver did not find it. Matt at Dawkes Music suggested emailing you and that you could pass the details to your members?

The details of the instrument are:

Yamaha YCL650 Bb clarinet, serial number 130014

I have registered it with the Met Police and TfL lost property. I have also attached a photo of the clarinet

Please see the Facebook link below relating to Howard who had his guitars stolen over the weekend: – 11 September 2017

Jess Gillam – 23 August 2017

I am a 19 year old saxophonist from Ulverston in Cumbria and was recently in London for a meeting when my Soprano saxophone was stolen. I have posted it online and the response has been amazing – it has reached nearly 350000 people online and the Evening Standard and Daily Express have reported on it. The BBC Proms Extra made an appeal on BBC 2 Proms Extra (as I have just performed at the Proms) so although I am devastated that it has been lost, I am remaining hopeful! Somebody has suggested to me that I should contact you to alert you of the stolen instrument so I am just emailing with the details and location. If you do hear anything at all about it, I would really appreciate it and be extremely grateful if you were able to let me know please.

Yanagisawa Straight Soprano   Model Number S901U

Serial Number 00307849  (Unlacquered model, in a log black case with 2 yellow reflective stickers on the outside)

14 August 2017











Stolen from flat in Salford (M3 postcode), police crime number is 197532Q/17 Tim Smith  – 31 July 2017

The guitars in particular are all quite unique (rare/modified/both) so should be easy to identify.

Items are listed below, we have pictures.

  • Epiphone Les Paul, heavily modified. Birdseye maple top (looks like it has chicken pox), yellow/red cherry sunburst, notable features are top-locking Kluson tuners, locking TonePros bridge/tailpiece, open-coil Bare Knuckle humbuckers, scratchplate removed, a couple of large dings on the bottom edge on the back. Serial number will begin S95 (Samick, 1995)
  • Fender USA Deluxe Stratocaster. Yellow/red cherry sunburst, maple neck and fingerboard, pearloid scratchplate, lots of light dings but nothing obvious. Serial number will begin DZ9. In a fitted Fender brand hard case.
  • ESP LTD Ninja 600 Michael Amott signature model x2
    • One in red, quilt maple top, open humbuckers, with a floyd rose. 24 frets, ninja star inlays. Large square Gator hard case with very obvious pink custom cut foam.
    • One in black, quilt maple top, chrome covered pickups. In black flying vee-shaped hard case.

Both very rare and easy to spot, I haven’t seen either model for sale used anywhere in 5 years (only in production for 2008/9) and a very unique shape. Chances are if one comes up for sale anywhere, it’s mine.

  • PRS SE Custom 24 7 string. Purple flame top. Recently changed the pickup rings to black (as opposed to stock cream) and put gold saddles on the bridge, so it will look different to a stock model. In red PRS SE gig bag. Please note the attached photo is from before I’d modified it (unfortunately).
  • Ibanez EW20BGE electro-acoustic. Very distinctive burled bubinga wood finish. In brown shaped hard case. Nothing to identify it in particular other than it needed a clean – had had cider spilled on the top.
  • ESP EX. This is a full ESP model, not an LTD. Black all over, with EMG pickups. In a large rectangular ESP-branded hard case.
  • Victory V30 “the Countess” amp head. Lunchbox amp head in soft Victory-branded carry case. Please note it’s sharing the picture with the Epiphone, no especially distinguishing features to mark it out from others of the same model, but they’re a small manufacturer and there aren’t many of them around.
  • Line 6 Pod HD500X floorboard pedal. In soft Gator case, with lots of leads.

DAWKES MUSIC LTD (Tel: 01628 630 800) Thames Valley Police Crime Ref #43170204724 – 12th July 2017
Instrument Name/Model Type Serial Numbers
Aizen FUGA Pro -­ Tenor Sax New T000396
Aizen HIBIKI -­ Alto Sax New A1000494
Aizen HIBIKI -­ Tenor Sax New T1000493
Cannonball A5 BL -­ Alto Sax New 178017
Cannonball A5-­BL -­ Alto Saxophone (168060) S/Hand 168060
Cannonball A5-­R Black Ruby Alto Saxophone New 180712
Cannonball AVR20-­L Vintage Anniversary Model -­ Alto Sax New V179014
Cannonball GA5 B -­ Alto Sax New 163209
Cannonball GA5 SB -­ Alto Sax New 179415
Cannonball GT5 SB -­ Tenor Sax New 179555
Cannonball SA5 BS Arc -­ Soprano Sax New 170907
Cannonball SC5 L -­ Curved Soprano Sax New 123831
Cannonball T5 BR Brute -­ Tenor Sax New 178408
Cannonball T5 W White -­ Tenor Sax New 165340
Cannonball Vintage Reborn SVR-­L -­ Soprano Sax New V161233
Conn New Wonder Series I Tenor Sax (c.1917) (442XX) S/Hand 442xx
Keilwerth SX90R Shadow -­ Alto Sax New 128318
Keilwerth SX90R Vintage -­ Tenor Sax New 128398
Pierret Artist Tenor sax (NSN) S/Hand NSN001
Selmer 26 -­ Alto Sax (12XXX) S/Hand 12460
Selmer Reference 54L -­ Tenor Sax New N.789893
Selmer SA80 Series II Jubilee -­ Alto Sax New N.781830
Selmer SA80 Series II Jubilee -­ Tenor Sax New N.784721
Selmer Series III Jubilee -­ Soprano Sax New 789417
Selmer Series III Jubilee -­ Tenor Sax New N.776672
Theo Wanne Mantra Platinum Lacquer -­ Tenor Sax (10047) S/Hand 10047
Windcraft WAS-­110 -­ Alto Sax New 504872
Windcraft WTS-­200 -­ Tenor Sax New PST080009
Wood Stone New Vintage AF Model -­ Tenor Sax New 0488
Yamaha YAS-­280 -­ Alto Sax New M71831
Yamaha YAS-­480 -­ Alto Sax New M40534
Yamaha YAS-­62 -­ Alto Sax New E55872
Yamaha YAS-­82Z -­ Black Alto Sax New E46650
Yamaha YSS-­82ZR -­ Soprano Sax New 002868
Yamaha YTS-­280 -­ Tenor Sax New M65644
Yamaha YTS-­480 -­ Tenor Sax New M47927
Yamaha YTS-­875EX02 -­ Tenor Sax New E54371
Yanagisawa AWO2 -­ Alto Sax New 00359445
Yanagisawa AWO20 -­ Alto Sax New 00360832
Yanagisawa TWO2 -­ Tenor Sax New 00345290

Fergus Davidson – 12 June 2017

Crime ref no. 1700038917 crime desk no: 02070276523

I had my flute and piccolo stolen on Friday night from a bar near Kings Cross.

The details of the theft are as follows:

Flute: ‘Arista’ serial no. 518 with an Arista headjoint with gold lip plate serial no. 309

Piccolo: ‘Reiner’ serial no. 857 with a Fischer headjoint.

The police have interviewed me and are studying CCTV from the bar.

Stephen Sherriff 07527 735 487 crime number for this is 20BW/132415X/17 – 27 June 2017

I had my Keilworth ex90 series II tenor saxophone serial number 106151 stolen in the early hours of last Friday night. It was in Kings heath Birmingham on woodthorpe road.

The sax is in keilworth shaped case with red interior, serial number is clearly marked on the bottom of the horn. The crook has had a bad repair done in the past so the laquer is badly damaged at that point rest of the horn is in very good condition for it’s age. There is also a Vandoren V16 40’s gold metal mouthpiece in the case model SM823GL, this is in a beige velvet pouch. There is also a cebulla strap which has the wide adjuster fitting which is quite unusual. reeds are rico jazz select kept in a bubble wrap bag in the bell and some of them are marked with pen so I know which are good.

Hercules Saxophone Stand in it’s yellow bag

 Apart from the sax there was also a radio mic: audio-technica system 10 with pro35cw microphone this was in a small flight case.

4x speaker stands

4x microphone stands

the stands were in 2 Gator stand bags

Adam Clifford Just Flutes Croydon 020 8662 8400 – 30 June 2017

Unfortunately we’ve been the latest victim of the gang targeting music shops. At around 3:30am this morning our shop was broken in to and a few (thankfully low-ish value) instruments stolen from our window. All were stolen as is without case, mouthpiece etc.

The stolen instruments are:

  • JP045BS Alto Saxophone #045002008
  • Yamaha YAS480 Alto Saxophone #M47014
  • JP045R Alto Saxophone #04540232
  • JP251SW Trumpet #25120087
  • Last but not least, two Maholo MR1 Ukelele’s (one pink, one black)

I suspect these are already on the market on mainland Europe by now, but other shops ought to be on the lookout. We’re on a busy high street with metal grilles across our windows and bullet-proof glass (the previous owner of the building sold guns), and thought no-one would be brazen enough to do this, but it seems no shop is off limits.

Marie Chovil 07729481944 Crime Reference number is 45170065083 – 20 June 2017

The item missing is:

Buffet Bb Clarinet E13 wooden Serial number K145572

Mouthpiece Weinberg zenith custom M1 with Rovsner Dark Ligature.

Oliver Wild 07535 650149 0151 51193934 – 1 June 2017

My flute ALTUS 1107 (#047360) was stolen from my flat in Birmingham end of May.

It has the following specifications:

– B footjoint

– open-hole

– offset G

– E mechanism

– Serial number 047360

Items taken from Dawsons Reading Store 01925 622187 – 7 May 2017

DESCRIPTION                                              Serial Numbers


Fender Std Strat MN Brown Sunburst

Squier Vint Mod 70’s Strat RW

Fender Amer Pro Strat RW 3TS

Gretsch G5439T Pro Jet SS

Fender Flea Bass                                            MX16805184D

Farida CT36 EN STR

Farida CT32 RN OW

Farida CT32 RN OW

Gibson Firebird Studio TVS                            170009339

Gibson Firebird Studio T PB                           170010673

Epiphone G400 Pro Nickel

Yamaha THR5A                                             (21) T248406PR

Orchestral Instruments

Yamaha YFL212D Flute                                 (21) K08088

Yamaha YFL312 Flute                                    (21) J71902

Yamaha YTR2330 Trumpet                           (21) Z62466

Yamaha YCR2300III Cornet                          21) Z11296

Yamaha YCL255 Clarinet

Yamaha YCL255S Clarinet                            (21) L62322

Stage Pianos

Nord Electro SD SW61                                  EL11063

Chris Lovell The Accordion Shop – 23 April 2017

I’m sorry to have to say that we have had yet another break-in in overnight at 1.20am with the theft of another 8 accordions despite further security measures since last time!

Highly likely to be the same culprits as previous break-ins.

The accordions taken and if you can ask the community to be on the look-out for via the MIA are.

Bugari Evo Black Piano serial number either 16m0014 or 16m0015

Roland FR8X Black Piano serial number Z0D0104

Roland FR4X Black Piano serial number Z4H0207

Roland FR3X White Piano Z9G0169

It is also worth noting that the specialist Saxophone specialist SAX UKs Sussex branch have been hit 3 times in the last 4-6 weeks with over 200 sax’s taken, by a similar organised gang!

Mrs Philippa Nunn 0208 428 9439 or 07753985309– 25 April 2017

4/4 cello bow mid 20th Century, wood, in a hard black fabric covered single bow case (79cm x 6cm x 4.5 cm depth) which has 2 clips.

The bow – 2 immediately identifying points – the frog has an American rubber grip covering the whole of the frog and is just beginning to show signs of wear, the tip has a crack right across the white about where the hair enters. This is not lose neither does it affect the playing. The bow was re-haired about November 2015. The bow was lost in Northwood Middlesex on Saturday 22nd April 2017 at about 1700hrs. I have informed the police in Northwood, Harrow and Pinner.

It’s not just the value of the bow but also for sentimental reasons I’m offering a £100 reward for the recovery of the bow.

Sean Lakeman had two Martin guitars stolen from his vehicle on 23/4/2017 in Petersfield Hampshire – 25 April 2017

1952 Martin 0-15 All Mahogany acoustic guitar, with fisherman rare earth humbucker pickup and white Calton flight case. Guitar Serial number 121337

1983 Martin D28 Shenandoah acoustic guitar, with a Fishman Rare Earth humbucker pick up and black Hiscox Artist series flight case.

Photos can be found at this dropbox link :

FYI and for any other musician / music shop alerts. Any shares very appreciated.

Also stolen were…

Silver Miyazawa PA101 Flute in blue hard case
Bose L1 PA system base/stand unit in black soft Bose case
Black peli style case full of pedals, cables + x2 sure microphones (sm58beta + sm57beta)
Black X frame keyboard stand.
Small silver Behirnger Eurorack MXB1002mixing desk in a soft black carry case
Stagg Black hard guitar stand case. Fits up to 6 guitars.
Flute stand. Yellow and black.