The MIA Education Committee

The MIA Education Committee focuses on all things educational from pre-school to university and works with a number of organisations such as the Musicians’ Union, RSL Awards, JAMES, Take it Away, Making Music and others, in creating a unified voice for music education.

Our objectives are:

  1.  to support the provision of music education for school age children
  2.  to support, maintain and improve music’s place in schools by utilising the MIA’s strong links between industry and government.

Representation on the committee includes manufacturers, retailers, publishers, examination boards, music technology and representatives from youth and adult education.

Past accomplishments have included co-sponsoring one of the most comprehensive surveys of music education – The State of Play (2019), The Quality Instrument Guide (2018), hosting the MIA’s first Education Conference (see more below), and lobbying government policy – overturning a proposal to create a central procurement service for the purchase of musical instruments.

The committee is currently planning the next Education Conference and is also working with the MU, UK Music, RSL and Cultural Skills, on the future of 16-19 qualifications, arguing the case for music in further education.

Chair: David Barnard 

To get involved with the MIA Education Committee please contact its chair, David Barnard, via email

“Music Education – the HUGE opportunity for our industry”

“Music Education – the HUGE opportunity for our industry” was held in London on 24th October 2019 and focused on the opportunity that Music Education offers to the whole industry.

We captured the audio of the event, and we’ve published it on our Podcast Platform, Behind the Beat.

In this first episode you will hear an introduction by David Barnard of the MIA Education Committee, and keynote addresses from Mark Pierce of Youth Music and Paul McManus, Chief Executive of the MIA.

In the second episode, Steven Greenall of Warwick Music delivers a Keynote address and we listen in on the first panel ‘the current situation – challenges and triumphs in music education’.

We hope you enjoy listening!