What We Do

Our Mission:
Empowered by our members, we champion innovation and high standards of best practice in the music products and services industry within the UK.

Our Vision:
To make Musical Instruments, Music Technology and Music Learning accessible to everyone in the UK.

Values for our industry:

    • Inspire current and future music creators and learners, nurturing them throughout their lifetime
    • Transform our businesses towards a commercially viable and sustainable future
    • Foster a culture of innovation and creativity across every aspect of our businesses
    • Embrace the opportunity to be reflective and representative of our diverse community
    • Provide flexible and inclusive workplaces for our people that encourage them to learn and develop and support their physical health and mental well-being
    • Proactively engage with and serve our broad music community
    • Contribute to the economic and social well-being of the local communities within which we operate

The Music Industries Association (MIA) is the UK trade body that represents the interests of UK businesses making and selling musical instruments and associated products.

Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishers and supporting businesses all come within our scope.

It all revolves around the three pillars of the organisation. Find out more by watching this short video that we have put together.

Amplify The Voice

Bring The Industry Together

Empower Through Knowledge

Amplify The Voice

One of the main roles of any trade association is to understand the priorities of its members and create a network of relationships that allow it to lobby on their behalf.

Not only do we talk directly with Government, we also work with partners such as the British Retail Consortium and the Creative Industries Federation to ensure the widest possible reach.

Bring The Industry Together

It’s all about the people. Essentially we do this in two ways, firstly it’s a broad spectrum of events that allow individuals and companies to debate, discuss and network. In practice this applies equally to our annual one-day conference through to our weekly virtual drop-in sessions.

Secondly, it’s about the community groups that offer colleagues from across the industry the chance to coalesce on the topics they care passionately about.

Empower Through Knowledge

As the trade association we are perfectly placed to share relevant and educative content with all sectors of the MI industry. We group this content together under the umbrella of the MIacademy and we make it available to members on a variety of platforms to best suit their needs.

Whilst we still provide some information to the wider industry, much of our content is gated to ensure members get the most benefit.