Unlocking the Power of Patents

Join our session to find out how to be patent savvy and protect your inventions & products

This session will be led by Iain Russell, Founder and Director of Russell IP. Iain is himself a musician who has expertise in our sector, and will be discussing how to protect your inventions and products.

A patent is a form of intellectual property that grants its owner the legal right to prevent others from making, using, or selling an invention. Iain established Russell IP to offer businesses high-quality and cost-effective patent attorney services. He has already worked with companies within the music industry.

Iain recently wrote a blog post for us titled ‘5 Things Music Technology Companies Should Know About Patents.’

This session will be a forum for free-flowing discussion around these five topics. Iain will talk us through those five key insights, and tell you more about how your business may benefit from patents.

We’ll also hold an ‘Ask me anything’ Q&A, where you can ask any questions that you might have about protecting your intellectual property.

These sessions are really informal and open to any business operating across the MI sector.


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