Westside Bag Major Innovation In The Drum World.


Westside Distribution have officially become the exclusive distributor in the UK for Tandem Drums with the launch of their first product line, DropsTM. The brand founded by Daniel Kushner, created of MONO and the designer behind its award-winning product line, launched DropsTM in 2023 following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that set chins wagging across the industry.

DropsTM were designed to replace gels and other adhesives that have become the industry standard on drum skins. The primary goal being that they eliminate disgusting stick drums all while making your drums sound great. Unlike adhesives, DropsTM vibrate the drumhead creating an active gate effect. This removes overtones while letting the natural intonation of the drums come through. To achieve this, DropsTM are weighted with hundreds of steel ball bearings, secured inside a felt pod making for a durable and effective design.

Daniel Kushner, the founder of Tandem Drums, says “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Westside for almost a decade while at MONO, and we’re extremely pleased to have the opportunity to build another world class brand together. They understand us and what we’re about”.

Being major players in the UK since 1995, Westside Distribution have extensive experience with the drum market and other distinguished music brands such as C.F.Martin, Dunlop, Mono, Schecter and Vater, to name a few.

Andy Haldance, Head of Marketing at Westside, said “The second we saw DropsTM, we realised that partnering with Tandem Drums on its release was a foregone conclusion. It’s not often you get the opportunity to work with a brand that redefines the standard with such a creative solution.

The level of innovation DropsTM offer will bolster our core offering and further solidifies our footprint in the drum market. It’s clear that with the initial interest DropsTM have garnered that they will create a major buzz in the UK market which is why we are thrilled to be rolling them out.”

This partnership will see Westside extend the current Tandem Drums product line to artists in the UK, while paving the way for future product offerings in that market.

Joe Tomino, drummer with credits with The Fugees, Lady Gaga, Blondie, Lauren Hill and Simply Red, saw the instant benefit of using DropsTM, saying “Gone are the days of my wallet on the snare drum.”




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