Take Pride in creating positive and lasting change at work

By Alice Monk, the MIA’s General Manager

In a time where rainbow flags will be all over social media and many companies will post their bit for Pride month, it is vital that these statements of intent result in affirmative action.

We want to help implement initiatives that don’t just last for the month of June, but that can educate and create positive change all year round. 

One of our values for the UK’s MI industry is to provide flexible and inclusive workplaces for our people that encourage them to learn and develop and support their physical health and mental well-being.

In 2021, the CIPD produced a report on LGBT+ working lives, which highlighted several key areas where UK employers can improve. The report showed that LGBT+ employees experience heightened workplace conflict, job dissatisfaction and less psychological safety. This is why creating policies and practices that support and take care of your LGBT+ employees is important; to ensure that your workplace is an inclusive and safe environment for everyone.

Some initial ideas your organisation can consider to support your LGBT+ staff: 

  • Develop a Clear Mission for Supporting LGBT+ employees in the Workplace
  • Establish a strong anti-discrimination policy in your recruitment and promotion practices, and be sure all employees know what is not tolerated in the workplace
  • Implement a wellbeing initiative – offer up a voluntary, anonymous survey allowing individuals to raise concerns free of intrusion from others 
  • Offer training to your HR team and enable them to be educated allies so they are prepared to adequately support LGBT+ employees
  • Encourage conversations about inclusion and diversity within your team, and build support from within.

Every organisation needs to consider their own response, as opposed to adopting the approach that others may have followed. It is imperative to look at issues around inclusion with specific relevance to your own company’s workforce and customers. Considering what ‘commitment to positive change’ means, and as a consequence, what issues are being addressed within your work environment, in order to create lasting change. 

So why not try to adopt these two principles beyond the month of June;

Firstly, show support for LGBT+ staff all year round, back that support with policies and principles that are founded on inclusivity and tailored to your workforce.

Secondly, be more than the rainbow. Making a rainbow striped product or incorporating it in your logo is great, but making a commitment to positive change will bring longer lasting benefits.

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