‘Under the Spotlight’ with KORG UK

Can you sum up the ethos of Korg UK in one sentence?

To make our dealers and consumers happy, whether it’s a purchase of a pair of Vic Firth drumsticks or a £3000 Korg synth!

If you had to share one unique selling point of your business, what would it be?

Our staff. We talk internally about the importance of running our business lives with openness and integrity as well as recognising that whichever role we have at Korg, each of us plays a pivotal part in the success of the company.

Tell us about your favourite product?

That’s a tough question when we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to market such game-changing products as the MS20 Mini, ARP 2600M, Kronos and Nautilus, the Volca range and, from Vox, the legendary AC30 to name a few!!

For me personally, as a keyboard player, it would have to be the SV2 stage piano. The distinctive looks are so refreshing against a sea of traditional digital pianos. The ‘S’ model with the Italian speakers sounds so sweet and I can waste hours noodling around on it!

How will changing consumer attitudes towards sustainability impact on your plans at Korg?

We espouse the same values as our consumers. We want to offer products that maximise their sustainability and we’re working in all areas of our business from packaging and delivery methods to the solar panels that are being fitted on our office roof. We have a long way to go but sustainability is high on our agenda.

What does a fun night out look like for the Korg team? 

After the last few years, we recognise more than ever the importance of supporting our staff and looking after mental health by promoting a great working environment. Very recently we had an impromptu Friday afternoon off, so that staff could enjoy the sunny weather. Things like this not only increase productivity but also create a good feeling amongst the team, which is what a forward-thinking company like Korg needs.


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