Customer experience is crucial to what we do as an industry, and the better we can make it, the greater the chances of success. It’s all too easy to undermine a great product by not giving this topic the attention it deserves. Today we open a new series of features sharing innovations and celebrating good practice. Marcus Cook, (Focusrite Group VP of Distribution Operations) told us about the ways in which they put the customer at the centre of the business, and how that also speaks to sustainability and accessibility.

Tell us about the Focusrite approach to customer experience

In the world of audio technology, Focusrite has earned its reputation not only for crafting premium-quality products but also for its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. One shining example of this dedication is Focusrite’s innovative warranty service, which not only provides a hassle-free replacement for faulty items but also embraces sustainability through its partnership with DPD’s Swap It service.

What makes your approach to warranty claims innovative?

Faulty audio equipment can be a major setback for musicians, producers, and creators. Recognising this, Focusrite has gone the extra mile to ensure that customers experience minimal disruption to their creative workflows. If a Focusrite product encounters issues within its warranty period, customers can take advantage of the seamless Swap It service.

How does the Swap It service work?

When a customer contacts Focusrite’s customer support team about a faulty product, the gears are set in motion for a swift and convenient replacement. The unique partnership with DPD’s Swap It service comes into play. Instead of going through the hassle of sending the faulty product for repair and waiting for its return, Focusrite customers can receive a new, fully functional replacement right at their doorstep. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the frustration associated with equipment downtime.

Have you found a way to avoid waste once a faulty product has been returned?

Focusrite’s commitment to environmental responsibility doesn’t end with its innovative warranty service. The brand has recognized the importance of sustainability in today’s world and has taken meaningful steps to contribute positively. When customers return their faulty items through the Swap It service, Focusrite doesn’t just discard the defective units. Instead, the company implements a sustainable approach.

How do you create opportunity from this?

Returned faulty items provide Focusrite with an opportunity to salvage valuable components and recycle materials. This eco-conscious practice not only helps reduce electronic waste but also conserves resources. By refurbishing and reusing components, Focusrite contributes to a more sustainable electronics industry.

Beyond recycling, Focusrite has tapped into the refurbishment market. The refurbished product market allows customers to access high-quality audio equipment at a more affordable price point. These refurbished units undergo thorough testing and restoration, ensuring they meet Focusrite’s stringent quality standards. This initiative not only extends the lifespan of products but also makes premium audio technology more accessible to a wider audience.

Are you doing any of these things, or could they be implemented as part of your ongoing development? What are you doing to ensure customer experience is at the centre of your product, shop or website? Drop Matt a line and you could feature in this series.

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